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The ILGA, the last bastion of idiocy? December 6, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Politics.

Griping about politicians is common place and cliché. But this one is astounding, things like this make me feel stupid to be, not only an Illinoisan, but also an American. Thanks to the treasure trove of information available on ilga.gov legislation and laws are at the fingertips.
So when I stumbled on this I thought it was newsworthy, as well as opinion worthy. First the links though. Read these both and then think for a minute.

Amendment to the Illinois Toll Highway Act

The Toll Highway Act (605 ILCS 10/), Focus on Section Two (the amended section above)

Notice anything? I sure as heck did.
The amendment doesn’t amend anything. It changes the word ‘the’ to, insert drum roll here, ‘the.’ It’s shown quite clearly at the very beginning of section two. Note this is labeled a technical change, despite the fact that nothing is technically changed. It’s the exact same law, with nothing different.

I just fired off an email to the chief house sponsor, State Representative for the 43rd Legislative District in Illinois Ruth Munson (R). I basically asked what she was thinking. Her office is in Elgin and here is her bio from ilga.gov as well as her personal website in which she tells us all how grateful she is to be a member of the ILGA. Okay, then stop doing stupid things.

Ruth Munson’s bio Ruth Munson’s Web site

My suggestion is email or call her because this kind of government time wasting inevitably wastes money too and she should really be aware of how stupid she looks, it wouldn’t seem the people in and around Elgin have very good representation in Springfield. I will update as soon as I hear back from Rep. Munson, but I am not crossing my fingers, if she doesn’t respond within a few days I will relent and use my credentials to make her talk.


1. yinn - December 7, 2005

I dealt in one capacity or another with the Department of Human Services (DHS) for over 15 years. There’s no shortage of idiocy everywhere, but in Illinois it seems concentrated in Springfield. Any regular person working for the state either tends toward suicide or adapts to accept a Twighlight Zone existence.–>

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