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Cavel, Velda and blog updates December 7, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in BlogNotes, Horse Slaughter.

This post is completely off topic from the previous three posts, but I have conveniently archived them on the sidebar beneath the tag ‘investigative series,’ this despite the fact that I don’t really know how investigative it is. Don’t worry I won’t let this one go. You may have noticed other changes, a handy Google search bar to peruse the internet and a Technorati blog search as well as a few ads, click on them if you want, it helps me. You can also link directly to a download of Mozilla Firefox, which kicks Windows Internet Explorer’s butt. Searching the net from here helps me as well so feel free, anyway onto the meat, (no pun intended).

Alright so I cannot stop blogging, oh well, I have authorities to bring down, fortunes to ruin and the underprivileged to look out for.

Anyway a note on the Cavel International horse slaughtering plant here in DeKalb, Ill.

Ever wonder who the hell owns the Cavel International plant. Time and time against the line “Belgian owned Cavel International” appears in print in multiple publications and wire stories including AP and the Northern Star.

Well according to my research Cavel is owned by a Belgian company called Velda. With some assistance from the very helpful searchsystems.net, one of the Web’s largest public records directories, I have tracked down some information on the company, not a lot but enough to assist you some hopefully.

The company, Velda, is located in Zele, Belgium. It’s street address is Lokerenbaan 131, 9240 Zele and as far as I can tell +32 (0) 52/447503 is its phone number if that number is incorrect then try this: +32 (0) 52/449211, the international calling country code for Belgium is 32, hence the preceding numbers in the phone number(s). Also they can be reached via fax at +32 (0) 52/447503.

The funny thing about Velda and Cavel is the Web hits on them are minimal, mostly news articles or op/ed pieces from activists. One of the few pieces that mention Cavel’s ownership as Velda can be found here, another one can be found under the headline “Cavel intends to rebuild,” here, it is about halfway down the page. Obviously, those in charge at Velda, ahem, Luc Van Damme, know what they do is highly objectionable to most Americans. Velda has been in business since Jan. 24, 1951 and their company description on the phone book accessed via searchsystems.net says, “Profession: Production of fresh meat and poultry meat products.”

Fresh horse maybe. Disgusting.

The company’s gross sales equal about 41,468,000 €, which is around $48,861,716.91 (US), that’s a lot of horse burgers.

Not that I don’t eat meat but I don’t eat horse like I don’t eat dog. I mean come on.

Well, anyway, for about 5 Euros the company’s labor investment report can be purchased here, I assume there is a breakdown of the labor expense in DeKalb, Ill. This could show us exactly how much money employees at Cavel make, thus enlightening the potential economic impacts that may result from a Cavel plant closure. When it’s all said and done I doubt the economic impact on DeKalb will be so great, the plant only employees about 40 to 56 people (numbers vary). Not to mention it is one property, the tax revenue is not that great considering the Equalized Assesed Value for property taxes is just 1/3 the value of the property in Illinois, even with the DeKalb Township multiplier of 1.0563 the amount of tax is relatively small.

Any donations to get a hold of the company’s reports would be appreciated; if not maybe I can obtain them myself. Other reports are available as well, including credit reports, annual accounts and the compact report including financial data via the Infobel site referenced above, however, some run in the 30 to 40 Euro range

This could be another exciting winter break investigative series, with publication potential. Anyone interested in helping should feel free to email me via my profile, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I also think I may have found a Web page for Cavel owner, Velda Group but I am not sure, anyway check it out here. As well as an email address which may or may not be info@adca.be.


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