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Cavel, Distriva, Velda December 14, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Horse Slaughter.

Is Distriva owned by Velda? I sent Velda an email, asking them that question, among others, unfortunately I cannot afford a call to France or Belgium, but who can. The email, at least, didn’t kick back to my inbox, so it went somewhere. Otherwise, I have been doing some good, new-fashioned, Internet research. I got the email here. Which, is also where I first found the link for Distriva.
Further contact info for Distriva is available as well, according to its Web site:

Zone Industrielle Nord BP 48F-80190 NESLE, France TEL: 0 800 90 66 70
FAX: +33 3 22 78 32 96
E-mail: distriva@distriva.com

According to the French yellow pages:
Zone Industrielle 80190 NESLE
Tel: 03 22 88 21 82
Tel: 03 22 88 27 00
Fax: 03 22 78 32 96

The international country code for France is 33

If you don’t know what I am talking about, click here and here.

If you Google the terms ‘Distriva Velda’ you get a handful of hits, about 12 or 13. The second hit seemed relevant. It links to Velda Italia, apparently the Italian subsidiary of the Belgium-based Velda Group, and if you translate the page into semi-cryptic English some interesting stuff is on the site, although the site itself does look a bit suspect for a large international conglomerate; maybe web design isn’t a heavily used business tool in and around Central Europe.

Quick word of warning though: the Velda Italia site only appears if the search filter allows pages updated anytime, meaning it probably hasn’t been updated anytime in the last year. Still the information is out there for the perusing and browsing, and telling people about. (My own little disclaimer, how nice.)

Basically the site has a nice map if you link to the profile of the company here. You can see the DeKalb Cavel International location marked with a big yellow splotch. Other locations are marked as well but these are not necessarily horse slaughtering locales. The “other locations,” include the now-defunct Cavel West (see below) a number in South America, mostly Argentina. Others are located In Europe and Australia.

One of the European ones appears to be Distriva, which if you haven’t read its site yet do it now. Distriva isn’t a slaughterhouse, it’s an import company. They are basically a distributor.

Check this out from the Velda Italia Web site (it’s from the corporate profile for the entire Velda Group)

“The main center of group VELDA is found in Zele Belgium and, being Company leader to world-wide level, it stops two slaughter houses on the north America (CAVEL INTERNATIONAL and CAVEL WEST USA), moreover exercises the exclusive right on others 3 slaughter houses dislocates between the Latin America and Australia to you, while on the rancese market in the field of the great distribution and present with the Distriva brand.”

Granted this is the Google translated version but the gist is there. So then when you look at the map you see that, clearly not all of the locations on the map are horse slaughtering houses.

Distriva reiterates this on its shoddily designed Web site (home on the range, I guess?):

“DISTRIVA is one of the leading importers/distributors of horsemeat on the European market.
Our imports come from all over the world so we receive a constant supply of meat from all continents. For this purpose, we have our own slaughterhouses as well as exclusivity agreements signed with other slaughterhouses.
Our distribution is also organised on a world-wide basis, with the European market at the centre. We have our own fleet of trucks for distribution in Europe, backed-up by distribution via specialised transport firms.”

Distriva imports and distributes horse meat products. From all over the world, apparently: “Our suppliers are slaughterhouses in the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Australia.” You can read that if you click on the little, annoying, animated .gif of Mother Earth on the left side of the home page.

In fact go to that page because the map is probably the most telling part, along with the sentence above. They import from Argentina, Brazil, the United States (Cavel International here in DeKalb) and Australia. Those places, along with Distriva are marked on the map above the text, which is just an edited version of the map that appears on Velda Italia’s page. Those dots correspond with the dots on the Velda Italia map. A logical conclusion based on the site’s text and the maps referenced above is that Distriva imports horse meat from five Velda owned horse slaughtering plants worldwide. We know Distriva doesn’t kill the horses, nor does Velda Italia.

This leaves three Velda-owned properties, again according to this map, whose functions are not yet known. The one in Oregon they gave away above, likely Cavel West, which was in Redmond, Oregon. I do believe that it was set aflame by the Animal Liberation Front; here is a reference to the fire in a press release from Oregon’s Lieutenant Governor. So one down (they really should update their map and site). The other two are in what looks to be Argentina.

Velda is a pretty ambitious corporation it would seem. They have operations in seven countries, including a likely five horse slaughtering plants as well as distribution and sales.

Moreover, according to the Velda Italia site: “VELDA be succeeds to serve beyond 2.000 customers scattered on all the European continent managing beyond 80.000 deliveries anniversaries.”

This, I think, is trying to say; Velda serves more than 2,000 European customers continent-wide, making 80,000 deliveries annually. Again, lots of horse bologna and salami and such. If this page hasn’t been updated recently those numbers could be different, but the main point is Velda supplies a lot of horse meat to people for food.

Of course, the update frequency of this page may not be up to par with many other corporations. They seem web elusive regardless. At least, I found an email address.



1. bmac - December 15, 2005

AHH! It’s a horse slaughtering conspiracy!!

Kidding aside, pretty interesting stuff. I had no idea there was a “Cavel West” in Oregon that was apparently burned down. The ALF (I can only assume this is their abbreviated name) needs to visit DeKalb and make some news ;)

2. yinn - December 15, 2005

The Cavel in DeKalb was burned down–what was it, about 3 years ago, give or take–but the Midwesterners apparently are made of sterner stuff.

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