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American horse slaughtering–Part Three December 15, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Horse Slaughter.

Alright, back to it. As I started Part Two, the United States is home to only three horse slaughterhouses. One, Cavel International, is here in DeKalb, Illinois. The other two are located in the great state of Texas, where everything is bigger, even horse slaughtering, albeit only twice as big as in Illinois. There used to be another one in Oregon but, as I said before, the Animal Liberation Front claimed to burn it down, regardless of who did it, the plant burnt down.

And as one commenter pointed out, not to be forgotten, the Cavel Plant in DeKalb also suffered a fire, in 2002. Coverage can be found here or here.

Back to Texas. There are two horse slaughtering plants in Texas. One in Fort Worth, the Bel-Tex Corporation, which also dabbles in ostrich meat.

Ostrich and horses? Any jaguar burgers in there?

According to the Equine Protection Network Bel Tex is a Belgian-owned horse slaughtering firm. Troublesome it has been to track down what Belgian company owns Bel Tex but alas nothing gets away from me. Thanks to the now semi-famous Belgian business guide, a paper commissioned by The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (authored by Raymond Goydon and Stephen Kindel) and Infobel Belgium I was able to figure out who owns The Fort Worth horse slaughtering plant known as Bel Tex Corporation.

The company Multimeat NV is the owner of the plant in Ft. Worth. I found a slew of contact and other info here. +32 3 354 08 48 is their phone number according to numerous sources including those previously linked.

Bel Tex is as elusive as Velda ever was but the EPN did have contact information for the plant, which I have yet to confirm elsewhere.

3801 N. Grove St.
Ft. Worth, Texas 76106

Phone: (817) 624-1136

Fax: (817) 624-4594

Email: ericn@onramp.net
Eric Nauwelaers

The other plant is in Kaufman, Texas. The Kaufman plant is interesting in its own right, known as Dallas Crown, Inc. the plant seems to concentrate its focus on providing “Carnivore Diet.” More about that in this ever-expanding series’ Part Four.

Contact Info for Dallas Crown follows:

Dallas Crown, Inc.
2000 West Fair
Kaufman, Texas 75142
Phone: (972) 932-3436
Fax: (972) 932-3062

E-mail sales@dallascrown.com

I first saw this contact info here but then I confirmed it on the Dallas Crown Web site as well as on this Internet phone book.

Dallas Crown is apparently a French-0wned company, although this has also proven difficult to track down. Thanks again to the aforementioned paper by Goydon and Kindel I think I may have figured it out (the previously linked site with a slew of info on Multimeat also assisted in this search).

It appears the Dallas Crown plant is owned by Chevideco France, which is based in Roncq, near the Belgium-France border.

Well, now we know the international players in American horse slaughtering ventures. Velda Group, in Belgium, Multimeat N.V., also Belgian and Chevideco France, in, obviously, France.

Stay tuned for Part Four on the significance of Dallas Crown’s carnivore diet business.


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