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Hey, I can rewrite press releases too! December 15, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Crime.

Well not really. I mean, I can, but should I?

Apparently a 16-year-old high school student in Sacramento was subject to an FBI interrogation after an incident a couple of years back in which he scrawled PLO upon his notebook. The incident took place at Calvine High School. This was the only Google news hit on the item; it was 24 minutes old when I posted it. That story was simply a copy of a press release I received from the Council on American Islamic Relations.

So here is what happened, according to the press release, verbatim:

“On September 27, 2005, the student was pulled out of class and taken to a room in which two men identifying themselves as FBI agents were waiting to speak with him. The agents asked the student to recount an incident that had occurred two years earlier in a math class. He told the agents that his teacher had reprimanded him for having scrawled the letters “PLO” on his binder. The teacher said that anyone who supported the PLO was a terrorist.

The FBI allegedly asked how the student knew about the PLO, whether he was familiar with the investigation of several Muslims in Lodi, whether he had ever traveled to Palestine, and whether he had pictures of terrorists on his cell phone. (In fact, the student had only a picture of a mosque as his phone’s background display.) The entire experience left the student badly shaken, and he has since been hesitant about expressing his political views in any context.”

All in violation of a school board policy which says parents must be notified when law enforcement officials are interviewing students at school. This is all kind of scary as far as the first amendment goes.

Freedom of speech for everyone, unless we don’t like your speech, then we will scare the crap out of you, that’s right, even you kid!

Of course, their is a whole different arguement in a case like this, this kid was pulled out of school in September by FBI agents and it is just now being brought up by activists? The student had scrawled PLO on his notebook, referring to the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and a teacher alledgedly told him anyone who supported the PLO was a terrorist. May or may not be true but this kid apparently didn’t think that was true. Regardless, the LCCR and CAIR and this kid say that he was questioned by FBI agents without prior consent from his parents, this is in violation of a school board policy that I couldn’t seem to find on its Web site. That doesn’t make it untrue, just hard to find, may have to make a phone call or two tomorrow.

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights (LCCR) of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley chapter of CAIR have sent a letter to the Elk Grove School Board, its contents should be forthcoming in the next few days, I will share it when I receive it.

UPDATE: Letter linked at bottom of post.

The CAIR release came out on Dec. 15. The Elk Grove School Board met on Dec. 13, no mention of this appeared in its agenda or an addendum to the agenda, perhaps someone spoke about it during the public hearing. This again could be used to show lack of action, hard to say in cases like this.

Aside from this, look for Part Four of the American horse slaughter bit and a Munson update soon.

Letter from LCCR to Elk Grove School Board, dated Dec. 15, 2005.


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