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The Weather Channel December 17, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Miscellaneous.

I figured out what I can blather about. I was talking to Rasmieyh when the topic of The Weather Channel came up.

The Weather Channel is one of those unique TV networks that have the advantage of having almost every television viewer stop on it at least once a day. They use this to their benefit by hiring people like Jim Cantore, who, if you have ever seen him, is the most hilarious weather lover on Earth. I specifically recall a live spot during a blizzard he did a few years back when there was a clap of thunder overhead. He went bananas, it was great.

Guys like him are great because they bring personality to what would otherwise be the most mundane network on television. Weather anchors with the personality of Cantore might make a viewer watch longer or even intentionally switch their TV to TWC.

Interestingly enough, when I still lived in Bloomington, the cable company tried to remove The Weather Channel from its basic cable package. People were riled up in Bloomington about the The Weather Channel. It was a step away from a militant assault on the cable company’s office. Day after day letters appeared in The Pantagraph telling Insight Communications (the cable company) how evil they were to take away The Weather Channel.

And judging by Insight’s reaction to scathing letters to the editor and countless angry phone calls, they immediately regretted that decision. The Weather Channel was nearly instantaneously restored to the list of channels included in basic cable subscriptions.

But there is a subtle irony in that story, as Rasmieyh so diligently observed. With everything going on in America, especially in light of the NY Times story on the NSA (reg. req’d) (avoid that nonsense here), perhaps people could be collectively motivated to do something better than “save The Weather Channel.”

Look what the angry citizens of Bloomington got accomplished when sparked by their disdain.


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