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Just . . .werd . . . December 19, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Miscellaneous.

Some more poetry. Thanks for readin’ ;) I have some other stuff here, if you are interested.


i’m almost back now
from the edge of the blade
from the hollows of darkness
the pain of the knife
cuts turn to scars
and i cower
back inside
where my sadness comes from
where my darkness never ends
wish i knew a way that i could mend
so broken
and desolate
deserted my feelings
and i didn’t know you noticed me
standing over here in the corner
i didn’t know anything
so much noise

Blinding Light

all i can tell you
are the few the things i know
blinding light, letting go
stuck in here
years and years
and pain
letting go
am i dark?
blinding maybe
deafening noises screeching from down below
forever jealous of you
forever stuck in here
a cage of my own inescapable design
and the pouring of the cool water over my skin
seeping in, dripping down
and hear it again
that awful, pounding, grinding sound
just because i cant sleep with it grinding slowly away at my sanity
i can’t afford to know
i can’t afford to go
journey back out and around
i didn’t stop at the door
it was that terrible sound
that pushed me out
that walked me away
i never knew
i never
to slide out of here
just staying stuck inside
and frayed
here on the ground
here in the corner
where i guess i should have always stayed


1. Desiree - December 19, 2005

not bad, interesting

2. Glock21 - December 20, 2005

I had no idea that being a liberal could be so depressing.

Here, just to cheer you up:


It starts off dumb and painfully stupid. But the last half pays off wonderfully.

3. Antique Secrets - January 21, 2007

Is that old dresser an antique? How much is it worth? Find out now.

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