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Terrorists in the 21st century December 31, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Politics.

How do you communicate with the world when simply showing your face in public could result in your bitter demise at the hands of a unmanned aerial vehicle?

How do you tell the world your message when you live in a mountain cave hiding out from constant pursuit at the hands of your enemies?

The web, that’s how. And since before 9-11 terrorist organizations worldwide have used the internet to claim responsibility for acts of terrorism and to post messages to each other or to foreign powers.

But if you look for these sites they can be difficult to find, many are up one day and down the next. Searching Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaida gives limited results. But there are a couple of people working out there to index some of this and monitor it, hopefully the CIA is one of those “people,” (I wonder sometimes).

Two that I have found:

The Site Institute–They have a list of “terrorist” Web sites here.
Internet Haganah–They also have a list of sites, but not all of the links were still working. The best thing about this database is that each listing includes the “Who is” information which reveals who hosts it, IP, nation of origin and other pertinent computer related info. (*Please note this database is affiliated with the Jewish faith*).

The sites

Ok, so you didn’t click the links, that’s alright, don’t worry about it. Here are some of them, with a brief explanation and some information.

Sites linked from Internet Haganah:

A huge list of sites affiliated with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. The sites appear to be affiliated with individual cells and they are all Arabic-only.

Another list of sites, these belong to Hamas affiliated cells. Some of these sites are available in English. One thing about all of these is that they aren’t the best designed sites, lots of scrolling text, animated .gifs and music that plays upon the page loading, really annoying.

–English Hamas sites
1. Palestinian Information Center–All of the palestine.info sites linked on the Haganah list link to the same Palestinian Information Center Web site.
2. Sabiroon–Arabic version here. All of the sabiroon domains go to this site.
3.Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades–This is a good one. It’s the link to the military wing of the Hamas movement in Palestine. The Arabic is here. They are clearly different sites, I wonder if the content is as different as the appearance.

Update: (1.11.06), A friend tells me that the content is indeed as “different” as the design. In fact it was described as “more Jihadist,” with the addition of “Jihadist, I guess that’s a word now.”

Next list is Salafyist/Jihadist. These are Jihadist sites, mostly pro-Qaeda news and rhetoric. There are some English sites as well.

–English Salafyist/Jihadist sites
1. Islam Q & A–This appears to be a question and answer forum type site with a slight Jihadist tiltt. The front page is here, and it has links to the Arabic page as well as a number of other languages.
2. Islamic Awakening–This United Kingdom based site is described as “Pro qaida “news” and discussion forum, notable participants in which include English Nazi David Myatt, aka Abdul Aziz,” by Internet Haganah, the database I am referencing.
3. Jihad Unspun–Well designed site and one I have checked for a couple of years. Some very interesting content on this Canada-based Web site.
4. World of Islam–Mostly just a links site but the links are mostly pro-Jihadist sites on just about every conceivable related topic. World of Islam has a lot of links to pro-Iraqi insurgent Web sites.
5. Al-Mourabitoune-Though this site is a French language site you can see the Google translated version here. The French version is linked above, this site appears to be a forum.
6. Alsalafyoon.com–This site has English and Arabic content and a numerical URL.
7. Dr. Safar Al Hawali–Looks like a personal Web site of some doctor. He has some literature and a few rants on there.

that’s just some of them, the list is long. I stopped at the doctor’s site, http://alhawali.com/, but I am certain there are more English language ones on the list.

There are several other categories in the database at Internet Haganah, they are: Hiz’b’Allah, which has a pretty good list of links, Hizb ut-Tahrir, another good list, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, good list there too, Kavkaz, good list with a focus on the Caucasuses (hmm..Chechnya). The other categories are: Spawn of Finsbury Park Mosque (no I have no idea what that mean either), Caliphist/Jihadist, only one link there and, finally, a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine category with only two links.

Sites linked to from the Site Institute:

Terrorist Group Web sites:

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigadehttp://www.kataebaqsa1.com/ –site works, Arabic-only.
HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement)http://www.palestine-info.info–site works, linked above too, English version available.
Hizballah (Party of God)http://www.nasrollah.org/–site works, English available here.
Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ)http://www.qudsway.com–site works, Arabic-only, really annoying “marching to war” music plays on site load.
Hamas military wing, Izza Deen al-Qassamhttp://www.alqassam.info–this site is gone and no longer works as a Hamas site.
Islamic Army of Iraqhttp://www.iaisite.net/–site works, Arabic-only.

Some of these have already been linked in this post and some of them appear in the other database too. American media has failed to present both sides of the story in the Iraq War and in the broader War on Terror, mostly out of fear of being labeled unpatriotic or having their phones tapped I think. So where better to find out then straight from the other sides propaganda mill. At least we can see what they are saying, if nothing else.

Iraq links

For the Iraq links I am just going to repost the list from World of Islam. Eventually, if I feel like it I will tell you where these sites are hosted from which may or may not cause the FBI to kick down some doors. The information will appear slowly but surely next to the links to the sites, it takes awhile to crunch all that data so bear with me. Not all of sites are pro-insurgent and many are in Arabic.

AlBasrah–hosted out of Gaza
AlChahed (Arab)
–hosted on multiple servers it appears, Baghdad and Paris
IraqPatrol (Arabic)
IraqVictims–registered, according to whois.net, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

IslamicArmyIraq(Arabic)–registered in Amman, Jordan, check out that link though, under ‘tech name’ we see Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, California, USA.

JubaOnline (Arabic) , Umm, Vancouver, Washington is where this one is registered. I don’t know what the site says though
ElectronicIraq-this is registered to someone in Chicago.
Jaami (arab)
HiatOlama (arab)
AlRashedeen (ar)
SOSIrak (be) (eng)
Autonomy & Solidarity


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