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Research, test and new nuclear reactors January 24, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Nuclear Power.

Keeping with the last post’s theme news that a new nuclear power reactor may be online by 2016 broke yesterday/this morning. The AP story is here. The new reactor will be located near Raleigh, NC (headquarters of the company building the reactor, Progress Energy). The reactor’s will be built by Westinghouse. The new plant will incorporate Westinghouse’s AP1000, which received design certification from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Dec.30.

  • Information on the AP1000, from Westinghouse, can be found here.
  • Progress Energy’s press release on the new plant can be found here.
  • Information about the proposed NC site for the plant is here.
  • NRC information about the Harris site (proposed site) is here.
  • Progress Energy info on the Harris site (proposed site is here.

This would be the first new nuclear power reactor to be built in the United States in over 30 years. And it may not be the only one planned by Progress Energy in the next decade. There is talk of another Progress Energy reactor for a site in Florida.

Illinois reactors

Illinois, of course is home to more nuclear power reactors than any other state. For no other reason than disseminating and compiling information for ease of access, a list of Illinois reactors follows with links to the NRC info on them and, where applicable the company’s info on them.

Braidwood (2 reactors): NRC–Unit 1, Unit 2, Exelon Fact Sheet

Byron (2 reactors) NRC–Unit 1, Unit 2, Exelon Fact Sheet

Clinton (1 reactor) NRC info, Exelon Fact Sheet

Dresden (2 reactors) NRC–Unit 2, Unit 3, Exelon Fact Sheet

LaSalle County (2 reactors) NRC–Unit 1, Unit 2, Exelon Fact Sheet

Quad Cities (2 reactors) NRC–Unit 1, Unit 2, Exelon Fact Sheet

Facilities undergoing decommission in Illinois (according to the NRC):

NRC: Dresden Unit One

NRC: Engelhard Minerals

NRC: Honeywell

NRC: University of Illinois

NRC: Zion Units 1 and 2, Exelon Fact Sheet

Related links:

University Reactors

Reactors dot the nation and not every reactor is used in power generation. There are numerous research/test reactors, many located at universities around the country. The NRC maintains a map of those reactors here.

There are 17 research/test facilities undergoing decommisioning in the U.S. right now.

The list of all non-power nuclear reactors can be found, via the NRC, here.

Wonder how secure those are? The NRC already knew you would. Their research reactor FAQs are filled with double speak and nonsense but are, at least an amusing read.


1. Eric McErlain - January 25, 2006

We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. Progress Energy merely announced its intention to file for a combined construction and operating license, just one step along the way to building a nuclear reactor. The news to watch for — which won’t come for a number of years — is whether or not Progress makes an actual order for a reactor.

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