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A flurry of updates February 5, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in BlogNotes.

I have posted a lot of new stuff lately and fear that the few of you who actually might read this may have missed something. So here is a round up of recent updates, the older posts are listed first:

Nuclear safety: a post about nuclear power in light of the announcement of a possible new reactor by 2016
A story about nuclear safety: tale of an election season interview and unanswered questions about nuclear safety in Illinois
Violating invisible lines: update on Mexican military incursions
The death of a telegram: Western Union discontinued telegrams on Jan. 27
Random: a post about the randomness of life, interesting stuff.
Football stadiums via Google Earth: in the vien of Baseball stadiums via Google Earth, a satellite look at the arenas which host America’s violent past time.
Give me Ghostbusters 3 or give me death: my rant on the need for a third installment of Ghostbusters.

Also, I have added a few sites to the links category, on the left side of the screen. First, news, there is The Daily Chronicle, DeKalb’s “hometown paper,” if you will. Then, DeKalb County Online, an excellent source of news and information for the DeKalb area.

Below those is a new poetry blog from someone I know, a beat freak, mad poet. anyway check out the links.

And if you haven’t seen Glock21’s blog yet, you should check it out too, interesting insights.

In addition, you may see some guest blogging from my brother soon. Look for a post I have been working on, it’s not yet complete, that will take an in depth look at oil and gas extraction in the Allegheny National Forest, in northwestern Pennsylvania. It will likely be up sometime next week, I am waiting to hear from the EPA and others.


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