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2006 Olympic opening ceremony February 12, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Sports.

Did anyone catch the opening ceremony to the Winter Olympics the other night?

There seems to be something about the Olympic games that cause those participating in the organization and set-up of the lavish opening ceremony to lose all touch with reality.

During the Parade of Nations, this is the part of the opening ceremony where the athletes are introduced by nation and march around the stadium waving miniature flags, a selection of music is played while the athletes enter and walk around the stadium.

Well, on Friday’s NBC coverage of the ceremonies the music was loud and clear and no way could anyone ignore it. As the night droned on, the endless and boring parade of athletes from nations with no chance at a medal such as Senegal, Nepal and Ireland strolled out for their moment in the Olympic sun.

But it was the music not the athletes that couldn’t be ignored. It took me a minute to notice, it took a Bob Costas a minute too.

First I heard Annie Lennox. Okay, interesting. I thought. No big deal though.

Then, “Video Killed the Radio Star” began blaring over the stadium’s loudspeakers. Odd, I thought. By this time the group that was around me watching the same coverage began to speak up, as did I. Comments flew throughout the room about the 80s music that the someone at the IOC decided the Torino games needed.

But the pinnacle song choice of the evening certainly lies in what the nation of Moldova’s athletes had to endure as they entered the limelight.

Silence . . . . announcer introduces Moldovan athletes . . .

“It’s fun to stay at the YMCA! It’s fun to stay at the . . . ”

Oh man, what on Earth are these morons thinking. What an Olympic memory, I thought out loud.

Costas couldn’t resist a comment at this point.

“For some reason the athletes are marching in to a seemingly random selection of 80s, American pop music.”

I burst into laughter. Way to go Costas.

Opening ceremonies are always bizarre. But I had to change the channel after that. Later on, flipping back to it, I noticed several people in cow costumes dancing about the ice. I am glad I changed the channel and went to a bar immediately.

Photo 1: The Olympic emblem. (Credit: wikipedia.org)


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