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Some of the Dharma March 6, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Politics.

I think it would be fun to draw ignorant, biased, offensive cartoons of the world’s spritual icons, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, God, Jupiter, Zuel (harhar). Then after I drew cartoons disparaging them all, I would summon them.

How would I summon them?

My magical prowess of course, hell, if people can pray to God and get answers I should be able to conjure just about any diety I want to. And once I conjure the various dieties in one place, provided that they don’t immediately descend into the bloodshed that taints so many of their followers, we will talk.

What will we talk about. The Dharma. The Bible. The Koran. And then I will ask them each what would they do?

What would Buddha do? What would Jesus do? And yes, what would Mohammed do?

Do you know what they would do? Not a damn thing. They wouldn’t incite their followers to violence. They wouldn’t call for my head on a pike. They wouldn’t watch with a smirk as their followers burned down embassies and killed each other. What would they do?

Cry out in anguish and weep for the world. Weep for the fallen and solemnly bow their heads in silent meditation about why human beings murder each other in their collective names.

And Buddha would weep and scream out, “let them criticize me, let them disparage the Dharma and the Sangha.”

And Jesus would weep and cry out, “let them disparage me and my father. For I shall forgive them.”

And Mohammed would cry out, “this is not what Allah has taught us through the Holy Koran.”

And together they would sigh, cry and feel the pain of every loss in every city and town, and the pain of each family as they cried out in vain and asked the three of them why.


1. Glock21 - March 6, 2006

I guess I should probably stop commenting on the old blog and update my links.

Like the new format.

Oh and sorry in advance for the tree hugging hippy comment at the end of my last rebuttal!


2. amc - March 6, 2006

haha, no prob.

3. Glock21 - March 7, 2006

So Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed walk into a bar…

Buddha and Mohammed both order a couple shots and a pitcher of beer while Jesus orders a pitcher of water and pulls the ol’ water to wine bullshit, but at least he still tips.

Who gets laid?

Buddha is obviously out of luck from the get-go do to his portly figure.

Mohammed won’t score because his thing with underaged girls just doesn’t fly with modern women.

Jesus lucks out due to his infamous ability to hang around to the bitter end…. and hell, he’s famous for getting nailed.


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