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One rich crypt keeper March 9, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Miscellaneous.

I am that radical misanthrope that you always knew was somewhere out there and always prayed you would never encounter.

The lastest thing that has me fuming, latest of many things, and by fuming I mean, well, I don’t know what I mean. It’s not as if I am ranting around my living room breaking things, or even moving really, other than to type this.

Back to the matter at blog. The Woodlawn Cemetary in Detroit, Michigan has seen the burial of Rosa Parks on its grounds as one big capitialistic blessing.

See Detroit Free Press Story here. (click at your own risk its MSM, could be made up).

According to what the media is reporting. Crypts in the now renamed Rosa Parks Freedom Chapel cost around $17 g’s before Ms. Parks was interred there. She rests in the chapel next to her late husband and mother. Now those crypts are skyrocketing, from around $24,000 for a space in the chapel to near $65,000 for the crypts nearest the late Rosa Parks.

The cemetary apparently gave these spaces to the Parks family for free, which is generous but to exploit the act in this manner, to me, seems downright disrespectful.

So what? They gave her a free crypt or two, she’s not around to enjoy it, no matter how nice it is. A free grave is the least the woman deserved

But that’s not even the biggest problem here. Who on Earth would pay $65,000 for a place to rot? That’s insane. It doesn’t even remotely make sense. Is there some elevation in social status that I don’t know about that comes with being buried next to historical figures? Who cares where they are buried? I don’t even want to be buried, put me in a capsule and launch me toward Rigel. I couldn’t care any less, seriously. When we’re dead we’re dead.


1. yinn - March 9, 2006

amc, I’m not sure it makes you a misanthrope to hate the exploitation of a national heroine. It’s repugnant. But I’m also not sure paying $65,000 “for a place to rot” is insane either, if you’ve got the money. Personally I wouldn’t buy a final resting place for the bragging rights but if I did happen to own a coveted crypt near a famous person I’d be counting on at least 40 years of slipping that fact into conversations in my merry little name-dropping way.

Besides the naked greed part, the situation bothers me from my perspective as an amateur genealogist. Having spent plenty of free time tramping through cemeteries, I value having families kept together in death as in life. More often than not I’ve discovered new individuals and relationships due to the happy non-accident of family members remaining in close proximity for eternity. I hate to think that an epidemic of social climbing (or whatever you’d call it) would ruin a solid resource for those of us who want to know where we came from.

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