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More glass pipe nonsense April 7, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Crime, DeKalb.

If you read the Swan’s Star article you know that TJs and the police have come to an agreement. In fact, the “drug parephrenalia” was returned.

That doesn’t even make sense. How wrong do the police think this activity is anyway? What is the motivation here? How giving back items that they see as dangerous makes the world a safer place I will never know.

The police are using Illinois law to compel these businesses to agree with their viewpoint. Under that law, the way DeKalb PD is interpretting it, would it not be a crime to return these “illegal” items to their owner. What is DeKalb PD doing? Do they even know?

Huka Corner

Sources close to the case tell me that Huka Corner intends to clash with the PD over this. Though one owner said they would comply with the police another owner gave a differing opinion. Regardless, they still have glass pipes on their shelves.

Not that it matters. With the return of the merchandise to the owners of TJs it appears the police are just flexing muscles because they can, not to actually enforce their interpretation of the law, which if I recall correctly, is supposed to be left up to judges.


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