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Resource-war-hell April 8, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Iraq, Science.

(A reprint) Nov. 17, 2005– A time when I was too much like the Destroyers of themselves.

The United States is guzzling oil faster than Tara Reid downs martinis. Now is the time to do something – not later.

In Tuesday’s Northern Star the peak oil theory was explained. The theory, in essence, explains oil production along a bell curve and says that oil is cheap and plentiful on the up curve and scarce and expensive on the down curve.

Many supporters of the peak oil theory think the United States and oil production overall is on the down curve. The theory is not without opposition. Michael Lynch, president of Global Petroleum Service Strategic Energy and Economic Research, said, “The peak oil theory is curve fitting, not science.”

This argument against the theory is irrelevant, but then again, so is the theory.

With or without the peak oil theory the fact remains clear; oil is a finite resource and it will run out eventually.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the United States currently imports almost 60 percent of the oil it consumes. Refining capacity still has yet to recover from the natural destruction along the Gulf Coast. Yet, somehow, there are still arguments about how much oil is left to use. All the while disaster looms.

If the world’s supply of oil was depleted today, global commerce would virtually cease to exist.

The pen in your hand right now, as you read this instead of taking notes in your class, would not exist were it not for petroleum nor would it have ever made it into your hand.

Fresh tomatoes in December? It would never happen without oil and long haul truck drivers. Driving to work would be nothing more than a tale told to grandchildren over a bonfire.

The search for efficient and effective alternatives to our dependence on crude oil and its refined products must begin in earnest immediately. If, as a society, our decision is to ignore a problem that could easily be dealt with, our future may be one of uncertainty and conflict.

Resource war might become a familiar term on the evening news as nations struggle to gain control of the remaining vestiges of crude oil.

In America, oil is already called a strategic resource. We will fight for it; we have fought for it. In 1990 and 1991, the United States would not have become embroiled in conflict in Iraq had it not been for the vast oil fields of Saudi Arabia.

Weapons of mass destruction or not, the Iraq War would not have even been a consideration had it not been for its oil fields. This is why we fight wars in the Middle East and not in Rwanda or Sudan, simple economic reasons.

Resource-war-hell can be avoided if Americans and the rest of the world start working now to alleviate dependency on oil. Whether oil runs out tomorrow or 100 years from tomorrow is irrelevant. What is relevant is that oil will run out.

Remember, remember the 5th of November.



1. yinn - April 9, 2006

President Carter put solar panels on the White House. Ronald Reagan tore them down. ‘Nuff said.

2. amc - April 10, 2006

Old mother reagan
And her crew
Took away
From me and you
I hope she goes far away
She better go far away
Y’know it ain’t right
When it’s all wrong
This is the old mother reagan
Protest song
Old mother reagan
She’s so dumb
She’s so dangerous
How come…
Old mother reagan went to heaven
But at the pearly gates
She was stopped!

-By the Violent Femmes

Well it’s about one Reagan at least.

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