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Staring at the sky April 15, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Space.

Spent an hour or two last night observing Jupiter and the moon through a small reflector telescope. Very cool. Very easy to find. Jupiter's proximity to the moon made it easy to find, even in a crappy manual telescope.

Good times, always. Of course, the planet's disk made a rapid pass through the field of view, which made it difficult to keep up with because I don't have a schnazzy scope. But it is still cool. Cloud bands and variations in color were obvious and the moon, always stunning, gave up some breathtaking views near the edge of its disk.

Might be out there again with a more powerful lens trained on the Jovian system, looking for cool sights.


1. Shirley - April 15, 2006

God’s great world…and His people…are spectacular. Thanks for the post.

Check out my site. You’ll probably like it.



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