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Notes on Illinois, Bush and Putin May 12, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Politics.

Certainly dumb laws are passed all the time. But the new Illinois law signed by Gov. Blago on Monday will make it a crime for a homeowner to not install and maintain a carbon monoxide detector.

Daily Chronicle article

Laws like this strike me as little more than pandering. Of course we don't want our citizens to die from CO poisoning but do we need a law mandating the installation of these so called life saving devices, I venture to say no way. These are the types of laws that politicians tend to enact to make us think they are doing some good, in my opinion.

Similar laws exist for smoke detectors. These laws are unenforcable against the average homeowner. To an extent they can be enforced on landlords, that mostly relies on tenants reporting violations though.

The Chronicle article cites a statistic that I found telling as to just how inane this new law, set to take effect in January, is.

"On average, 200-300 deaths are reported each year nationally from unintentional carbon monoxide deaths."

That literally breaks down to 4 to 6 deaths per year, per state. I am going to guess that there are far more pressing and deadly matters facing residents of Illinois and other states. Are we seriously enacting laws that will save 4 to 6 people per year. Cell phones and distracted drivers account for far more fatalties than 4 to 6 per year. Just stupid if you ask me.


The drought that affected much of Illinois and Indiana last summer and fall has officially been declared over. Can't say the same for south Texas, Arizona and New Mexico though.

This is good to hear. The drought affected many facets of commerce and nature, including farmers, landscapers, river levels, tree growth, soil moisture levels and more beneficially the number of tornados.


Of national note, Vladimir Putin has upped his anti-Bush/U.S. rhetoric in his state of the nation address.

In a seemingly direct stab at U.S. policies Putin said:

"Comrade Wolf knows whom to eat. It's eating without listening to anyone. And by all appearances, it's not going to listen," Putin said, prompting the audience to burst into applause.

"Where is all this pathos about the need to fight for human rights and democracy when it comes to the need to pursue their own interests?" Putin asked. "Here everything is possible. There are no limits."


It appears that the only supporters of the President left are the diehard neo-cons that form Bush's base. The 1/3 or so of Americans who see Bush as being "on a mission from God," or as their Messiah.

Even prominent conservatives are seperating themselves from Bush these days. On topics such as unchecked spending and, yes, the abhorrent abuse of Constitutional power that Bush has perpetrated.

George Will on ridiculous spending

Thomas Eddlem on stopping Bush


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