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IE 7 sucks and what’s up over at ie7.com May 14, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Technology.

In an attempt to post an entry I had been working on about death and the business in America surrounding death I got into a huge brawl with Internet Explorer.

Like a fool, I have been addicted to IE and downloaded their newest version, IE 7, which incorporates tabbed browsing and other features found on other browsers such as Firefox or Opera.

I never switched to Firefox, reason being that my brother uses it and it contains all of his personalized settings on my computer, passwords, home page, etc. But today I have migrated, in anger, to Opera.

So far, I like it much better. The only thing I see about it that sucks is that on wordpress.com hovering over links doesn’t reveal the destination, other sites seem to work well with it though. And I can still visit links, I just don’t get the mouse arrow to turn into a little hand or anything.

Anyway, today when I was finishing my post on death, which took a little bit of writing and research I was told by IE, when I went to publish the entry, that it couldn’t find the webpage, I lost my post, I was pissed. So mad, in fact, I fired off a profanity laden email to the idiots at Microsoft. I also punched my refriderator, which didn’t hurt as much as you might think it would. Heh.

The moral of the story here is don’t use IE, especially IE 7, it sucks, Microsoft sucks too. I hate them all. They don’t deserve to exist let alone release crappy bug filled beta versions of their ignorant programs. I guess they thought they were cool because they introduced tabbed browsing on IE 7, but they aren’t cool, they are idiots, I hate them so.

Firefox and Opera have long had tabbed browsing, I think I will stick with them.


As a funny side note, Opera is much smarter than IE. For instance, much like Firefox, you can simply type something close to the website you want and it will take you there. Instead of the exact address for Yahoo! Mail you can simply type yahoomail into the address bar and it will take you right to Yahoo! Mail. So for this post, I was linking Firefox and Opera, and went to link the IE 7 site, to be fair, I guess.

I typed opera into the bar and went right to opera.com, same with firefox. Then I typed IE7 into the address bar and low and behold was taken to www.ie7.com. Except it’s not IE 7, Firefox owns the domain, hahahaha. You can download Firefox at ie7.com, what a slap in the face to MS. I thought it was truly funny.


1. gun - May 18, 2006


btw dude… u dont have to migrate to opera if your bro is using ff.

you just need to create a new profile in FF. just go to start–>Run–>type “firefox -p”

Create a new profile for yourself and also create a shortcut to that profile. It will create a new clean from scratch profile for you and u can have your own pwds, histories, caches etc etc… and not stomp over your bro’s.

the only downside is u can use only one profile at a time.

2. gun - May 18, 2006


somebody help me!!

i was using ie6 and firefox(ff mostly)… thot i’ll give IE another chance and installed IE7 beta… knew within mins that it sucks(!!grrrr grr) and uninstalled it…

now i can open IE6 alright, but whenever i try to open a site, it opens it in Firefox :O… now i cant use IE even if i want to. I use IE for certain very specific tasks and I want IE6 back… what do i do??

i tried uninstalling FF, but now when i try to open a site, it gives me an error message box which says “Application not found” ..


3. dr. gonzo - May 19, 2006

Sounds to me like Firefox is set as your default browser. There is certain to be a way to change that.

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