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Some space notes June 11, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Asteroids, Space.

I found this new link to the NASA TV Channel. This way you can avoid all the rigamarole of the NASA site trying to find the NASA TV channel, if you actually ever felt like it.


2004 VD17, temporarily a Torino 2, has been downgraded to a one, both it and Apophis have a much slimmer chance of impacting the Earth than earlier observations indicated. This is normally the case with most NEOs being discovered and charted.


Red Jr., Jupiter’s newest super storm, (see my earlier post here), is converging on the centuries old Great Red Spot.

Astronomer Christopher Go has a website which is montoring the planet and the stroms, redspotjr.com. Should be interesting to see how the storms interact, if it all as they pass close to each other.


Extrasolar planet count now 170, the quest for another Earth continues.

Recent discoveries include 3 Neptune size planets, the upper limit for terrestrial objects, like Earth.



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