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Doomsday will have to wait June 23, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Asteroids, Space.

As is generally the case with Near Earth Asteroids both Apophis and 2004 VD17 have had their chances of impacting Earth drastically decreased.

2004 VD17 (I demand a name!), once rated a low 2 on the Torino Scale is now a one and Apophis, still a one.


2004 VD17-1 in 63,000
Apophis-1 in 38,000

A cool sidenote, NASA has orbit simulations on the NEO page. Don’t fall into the trap of the doomsdayers, like, say, maybe, Eric Julien, and believe that these simulations can be used to predict completely accurate orbital diagrams for planetary encounters. They can’t. But they can give you an idea of the orbit and it allows you to project the orbit far into the future, maybe even all the way, to the year 2000!

Check out the simulation for Apophis here and for 2004 VD17 here.



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