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Clearly clerihew June 26, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Miscellaneous, Writing.

Okay, some more poetry. I have just been messing around a lot lately with different styles and such. The reason I like the Clerihew is that they are freaking easy. No counting syllables (which I loathe–who thought of that crap anyway?), rhythm is irrelevant. All that is required is four lines, the first two and last two rhyme and it starts (usually) with a person’s name. Oh yeah, and it’s supposed to be funny.

Here are five I put together this afternoon.

George W. Bush
still playing with balls called koosh
and though he’s a moron
somehow, his presidency drags on.

Karl Rove
caught with his hand in the treasure trove
gave up a leak
and now he won’t speak.

Paris Hilton
a girl worth millions
doesn’t do a thing
sheesh, even Britney can sing.

Dick for short
he will retort
if you disgrace
he shall shoot you in the face.

Brit Hume
his armpits fume
with Republican slant
and the lies he will plant.

Bill Clinton
in the Oval Office, smitten
give him a cigar
and you know he’ll go far.


1. yinn - June 28, 2006

These are funny. I suck at limericks but I think I might be able to do these, though I’ve plumb run out of time for now catching up on your posts…but will devote my first one to Denny, whose office I visited yesterday.

2. dr. gonzo - June 29, 2006

Awesome, hope to see it in the comments soon. :)

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