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Fiction fiction everywhere June 28, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Miscellaneous, Writing.

I have been pretty occupied with my fiction lately. So, I thought I would post a short excerpt from a novel I am working on (still). I had fun live blogging the amendment debate yesterday and as I said Robert Byrd was the highlight, he’s so old.

I tried to insert some humor into it but grew weary of that rather quickly. Anyway, here is the excerpt:

“I am humbled, Einhard. I knew you would follow me through, to the end. I brought you a gift, my faithful servant.” The apparition disappeared. Einhard didn’t move, the room still glowed crimson. A moment later Carolus returned, he held out a sword, stark against his transparent body. He placed it on the desk, in front of the Arca. Einhard walked over to the desk and picked up the weapon. It was heavy but not too heavy, he swung it side to side, it sliced through the air fluidly, the sword felt at one with his hand.
“It’s Roland’s Durendal, forged of the same steel as Joyeuse.” Carolus watched as his servant swung his weapon about, sword play had never been Einhard’s forte but centuries of practice had made him look graceful. “It once belonged to Hector of Troy and its blade is indestructible. The sword’s power isn’t in the blade though, it comes from the hilt.” Einhard stopped swinging the sword and inspected the hilt, it was golden and typically ornate for a nobleman’s weapon. Carolus continued. “The power comes from what is in the hilt: a tooth of St. Peter, the blood of St. Basil, the hair of St. Denis, and a piece of the Virgin Mary’s raiment.”


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