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The Arca Malum July 11, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Writing.

I know my posts today were lackluster but alas, I didn’t feel like doing anything really. I am glad to see a few people reading some of my writing. Now if only a publisher would.

Here’s another excerpt of something:

The Arca

The few soldiers remaining alive had tried to take up positions to their rear to defend the trenches. But He knew they wouldn’t be able to defend against Him.

He stood in the forest glen at the base of the hill. Bodies littered the forest floor, even at this dark hour he could hear the incessant buzzing of a few intrepid flies, too hungry to pass up a good meal. The wind rustled through the still bare trees and his jet black cloak fluttered with them. He moved toward the forest’s edge, two other figures, clad in the same black robes, melted out of the shadows behind him and followed. Like a ninja he crept silently, his steps gliding above the forest floor with ease. He stopped, still shrouded by the trees, surrounded by darkness. He knew that the soldiers on the machine guns could not see him; even if they could it wouldn’t have mattered.

“Come, my servants. Now we strike.”

They moved out of the forest’s protective darkness, following their master as he headed for the trench.

He could see but one figure, manning a machine gun nest, on the far east end of the trench, instinctively He moved toward it. It was time to make the vision He had showed Hank reality. He rose into the air, his familiars followed, nearly invisible.

I was thinking about adding some brief descriptions of the novels somewhere on the site, I will point them out when they are written and posted.


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