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Inspired moment of blogging July 19, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in BlogNotes.

I lacked inspiration.

I found it in the phrase “crazy things that I saw happened.” It really sounds weird, at first. But it makes sense if you repeat it. Try it. It’s really nothing, inspiration, like I said. I guess there’s some “Crazy only content,” my ramblings on the world’s hapenings. “Musings, analysis, one-liners and blathering on what I saw and where I saw it.” Something like that. Anything significant which is “crazy-inspired” (i.e. The God of Fire) will be cross posted here, as you can see. Really all you miss by not clicking that one is my daily crazy, which may or may not prove daily and/or crazy and may or may not sound juvenile, I really don’t care. When you think about the use of the word crazy to describe the events around us is extremely subjective. What seems “crazy” to me or anyone might be status quo to someone else.

In some corners of the world troops march into your backyard everyday.

“And it’s green too.”


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