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One two many heads July 25, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Science.

If evolution’s not right (a battle cry for the forces of anti science), then God is either a) insane or b) a mediocre deity.

Two heads. People, turtles (I don’t care what the link says, that is NOT a tortoise), snakes, freaks of the world unite. Come together, one or more heads at a time. Watching Discovery Health programming can be hazardous to your sanity. For instance, Manar’s Story. This documentary details the case of Manar Maged, an Egyptian child born with a rare, rare genetic disorder known as Craniopagus parasiticus, a disorder which has only eight documented cases.

Think parasitic twin. Just look at the photo.

Manar’s case like the other recent case ended tragically, she died some thirteen months after the Feb. 2005 operation on March 25, 2006.

Anti science uses such genetic malformations as further “proof” for the case of an intelligent designer, at least when they aren’t busy proving the Bible with the Bible.

I must say I am unswayed. Most creatures with two heads, shared organs et cetera simply die. It’s, umm, natural selection. Hello? Anyone home in there? He is.


1. Doug - July 26, 2006

Reading criticism of the Theory of Evolution by Creationists always quickly leads to the same observation by me, they always seem to completely misunderstand the theory they are criticising. But we’re talking folks who are centuries behind the times in both science in logic. By the Rennasaince science, logic, and theology proved beyond doubt that science could never prove nor disprove the existance of a supernatural deity. D’oh. By the late 18th century it was clear that the Earth was at least millions of years old, and that Deity or no, Genesis could not be literally true. Science has gone upwards and onwards from there, yet some folks haven’t left the middle ages and still think they can find signs and portents that will “prove” God exists. Might as well argue with flat earthers.

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