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It’s global warming, stupid July 28, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in Enivronmental Issues, Science.

I highly recommend that everyone watch Global Warming: What You Need to Know. This amazing program aired on The Science Channel last night. Hosted by Tom Brokaw, the show sheds light on the mass of scientific evidence pointing to human initiated global climate change.

Idiots like Ann Coulter continue to be stuck in a denialist frame of mind when it comes to global warming. If you go into this Discovery program knowing little about global warming you will leave with new found knowledge and, probably, new found fear.

Global warming is no joke, it’s real. There isn’t some vast left-wing conspiracy that secretly desires to scare the hell out of people with doomsday talk, or ruin the American economy. After all, we are all Americans, no one benefits from economic hardship.

The program will air again, tomorrow at 7 p.m. CDT on the Discovery Channel. Watch it. Two hours of your life that you will never get back but it won’t be two hours frittered away, like it would be if you watched, say, Mulholland Drive.

The evidence is overwhelming. Ignoring fact will not make problems go away, as much as Coulter and her ilk would like that to be true. We either deal with this now, or face irreversible climate change. It’s only right that our children and grandchildren inherit the Earth as we did. Watch the show, it’ll do your brain a whole lot better than 6 hours of binge drinking on Saturday night. Or maybe, just maybe, for those of you who can’t stop tilting the bottle, there’s a fun drinking game to be played.

Maybe a drink for every mention of screwed up U.S. environmental policy. Kyoto, what?


1. yinn - July 28, 2006

I don’t get cable, so have to see if they have anything on their site. Seems like something that would cause binge drinking.

Meanwhile, I just came across an article today on the impacts of the European heat wave on their nuclear plants & the harm to their rivers. I find it interesting that one plant in Spain provides 20% of the power generated in that country. Even if Spain buys some outside power, it starkly illustrates the huge difference between the size of the average Euro country & the U.S., why this sometimes makes it more complicated & difficult for us to get things done–a matter of scale.

2. Cas Stavert - July 29, 2006

I won’t be seeing this programme – live in the wrong country for one thing, but then I don’t need convincing. It’s pretty obvious to me that the climate is heating up – this July has been the warmest since records began in the UK. The previous warmest July was in 2003, and the one before that sometime in the 90s. On the anecdotal side, I was talking to my Dad about climate change recently and he said that 40 years ago his golf club’s summer season began two to three weeks later than it does now, simply because it wasn’t warm enough.

Of course it’s getting warmer.

3. Justin - July 31, 2006

The earth is warming, but is it our fault? That is the main question.

I’m sure if we lived during the ice age, we’d say the reason the glaciers were melting is because of us. Too bad it was just the earth warming up from a huge cold spell.

4. dr. gonzo - July 31, 2006

I suggest you watch that program and find out the facts before posting a rant like that.

There is NO debate in science. The Earth is warming and it IS our fault.

5. yinn - August 1, 2006

The day after 9/11–when no commercial airliners were running–afforded scientists an opportunity to determine whether plane traffic affects temperature. It does. The impacts are many & varied–desertification, coral bleaching, dead frogs–& we are the culprits.

Plus it’s not like humans haven’t ruined our habitats before. When we look at civilizations that “vanished,” such as the Maya or the mound builders in Southern Illinois, the one factor common to all of these doomed peoples is that they destroyed their green spaces, deforesting their cities for miles around.

6. Don Horsley - August 31, 2006

global warming is a myth.

7. dr. gonzo - September 1, 2006

bah. sheep.

8. Dr. Gonzo - September 21, 2006

No email? No website? Forgive me if I doubt your credibility.

9. Dr. Gonzo - September 21, 2006

Caudersport, PA? You wouldn’t by chance be an agent of the National Geodetic Survery–cough cough, gov’t whose policy is global warming denaila–cough cough.

10. Dr. Gonzo - September 21, 2006

Coudersport, my bad.

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