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Popular Posts August 30, 2006

Posted by dr. gonzo in BlogNotes.

One of the many reasons I love WordPress.com are the stats they give me on my blog. What are people searching to get here, that’s sometimes very interesting, ‘gonzo sex’ is a recurring search term.

That should appease the masses who crave gonzo sex. Ha. Twice over.

What are people reading or glancing at when they do get here? WordPress gives me the roundup on post popularity for a 30-day period and for a 7-day period as well as the round-up for today and yesterday. So now I will try to share with you, dear reader, what people are reading around here, a starting point of sorts if you wanted to poke around a bit.

For instance today’s most popular post, so far, is Space Volcanoes, yesterday’s was Planet defined. Both space related, perhaps recent astronomical news has spawned popularity.

On the 7-day timeline the top 5 posts look like this:

1. Royalty Free Public Domain Images: A huge list of links to the namesake.
2. The death of a telegram: My ode to the telegram, permanantly discontinued in January.
3. Planemos, the reignition of semantics arguments: A June piece on the planetary naming controversey.
4. Sex crimes and myspace.com: Trying to catch a few criminals.
5. Post 9/11 Neologies: My list of English terms new or changed since the events of 9/11.

The 30-day top five:

1. Royalty Free Public Domain Images: Still.
2. Sex crimes and myspace.com: Moves up two places.
3. The death of a telegram: Arthur Miller allusion aside, this one drops one spot.
4. Post 9/11 Neologies: Up one.
5. Hits from the bong: Part of a look at the glass pipe issue in DeKalb.

Of course, you can always check out the Gonzo Highlights in the sidebar or bottom of this page.


1. sly walcrain - September 27, 2006

i just want to know what gonzo sex is and all that you did was beat around the bush!

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