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2-15-08: NIU the morning after February 19, 2008

Posted by dr. gonzo in Crime, DeKalb.

I promised some photos. And a few words, so you know what you are looking at. Architecture posts will resume tomorrow, cutting short our Oak Park tour for now. I have many more to write. For now, I went to the February 15, 2008, 9 am press conference in Altgeld Hall regarding the shooting on the campus of Northern Illinois University one day before. It was during this conference that the university released the name of the killer.

Cole Hall. No words really necessary.

An FBI Mobile Command Center, Holmes Student Center in the background.

Outside Altgeld, the location of the press conference, the full-scale media blitz had ensued.

Inside, we counted at least 28 camera from various regional and national broadcast media outlets.

A veritable who’s who of NIU and DeKalb County, from left to right: DeKalb Fire Chief Lanny Russell, Sycamore Police Chief Don Thomas, University Police Chief Don Grady, DeKalb County Coroner Dennis Miller and DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott.

Some reporters hung tough, enduring the cold (about 10 F) for their stand-ups.

Tomorrow, more on Route 66 in Illinois, this time, Chenoa. The Westboro Baptist Church descends on DeKalb tonight. Oh, man.


1. Qazse - February 19, 2008

My condolences to all of Illinois.

2. dr. gonzo - February 19, 2008

Thanks Qazse.

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