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2-19-08: Westboro Baptist Church a no show in DeKalb February 19, 2008

Posted by dr. gonzo in Crime, DeKalb.

The Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps’ evil minions, did not show and the group removed the picket notice from their website, but a couple hundred Huskie faithful did show. We braved the cold while the Lutheran Campus Ministry prepared for its candlelight vigil. No cowards were present, only the strong, only Huskies. THIS IS HUSKIE COUNTRY, AND WE ARE NIU! Photos follow.

I told you so.

They were too.

The Huskie faithful wait to confront the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yeah, we’ll be there again if we need to be.

Never forget.


1. yinn - February 22, 2008

I heard Phelps’ people are coming Sunday? What say you?

2. dr. gonzo - February 23, 2008

Have heard the same thing. They posted that they would be here at 7 at the Convo on their website. That was posted after they didn’t show the other night.

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