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War of words and Mexican incursions January 18, 2006

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I really have a lot to say but I’m not going to say it. But I did want to point everyone in the direction of two stories. If you watched the Daily Show last night you probably witnessed Hillary Clinton continue the ongoing war of partisan words. I never lived on a plantation but I doubt it was much like the House of Representatives.

Secondly there is this. U.S. Border Patrol agents have been warned about possible Mexican military incursions onto U.S. soil. That begs the question, if our government can’t keep out another country’s military (or possibly para-military gangs) how can we expect them to keep us safe from the other threats we face.


Terrorists in the 21st century December 31, 2005

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How do you communicate with the world when simply showing your face in public could result in your bitter demise at the hands of a unmanned aerial vehicle?

How do you tell the world your message when you live in a mountain cave hiding out from constant pursuit at the hands of your enemies?

The web, that’s how. And since before 9-11 terrorist organizations worldwide have used the internet to claim responsibility for acts of terrorism and to post messages to each other or to foreign powers. (more…)

Travel warnings and coalitions December 31, 2005

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More nonsensical ramblings enuse.

Iraq, this war sucks. I don’t care what the Bushies say about “progress.” 18,328 American soldiers and civilians have been killed or wounded as of 10 a.m. Dec. 30. That’s alot. Perhaps something good will come out of such carnage, I sincerely hope so, and if it does I would love to see it.

That aside, the U.S. Department of State issued a new travel warning for Iraq on Dec. 29. This may or may not be due to the revelation that a Florida teenager traveled to Iraq for a school project on immersion journalism. The warning is nothing new as the last State Dept. warning came June 28. (more…)

What to take, what not to take (to the airport) December 22, 2005

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I just saw a news broadcast on Chicago Land TV (CLTV).

The main story was about holiday air travel and security but the anchor did a little aside with nifty graphics at the end of it. The anchor pointed out what items were permissible and which were prohibited, each category had its own graphic.

Among the permissible items were nail clippers and cigar cutters. Among the prohibited, box cutters and fire arms, and the anchor kept a straight face while announcing to Chicagoland that guns and box cutters were not permitted on airplanes. (more…)

Iraq and military recruiting December 18, 2005

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My mind is churning over the Iraq War. What does it all mean? Such a broad question but some tangibles can be looked at.

This war is having an effect on recruiting and retention for the U.S. military. It seems the Reserves are suffering the most. While the active duty components have remained fairly steady over the years from 2000-2004, the Reserves have missed some goals. Though, I’m a little lost for some of their math on the active duty table below. (more…)

Victory strategy in Iraq December 17, 2005

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I’m reading the Presidents strategy for victory in Iraq it was released Nov. 30. I’m only on page 8 (of 38) and already questions are festering in my brain. (more…)

Idaho is hilarious December 12, 2005

Posted by dr. gonzo in Politics, Pop Culture.

A friend of mine tipped me to this hilarious piece of legislation in the Idaho state house which thanks the writers and producers of Napoleon Dynamite. Pretty funny stuff. Make sure you scroll down far enough to read the text of the resolution, especially the parts that have “whereas” flying fast and furious. (more…)

Notes on Cavel and Munson December 10, 2005

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First, I haven’t posted the last couple days, I have been busy writing and pondering this mixed up crazy game called life.

On to the update. (more…)

Disclaimers galore December 7, 2005

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Perusing ilga.gov I found the following disclaimers so I figured I better post it so everyone knows. Although, perhaps if they aren’t sure about accuracy of what they are publishing for public view maybe that should be taken into consideration prior to publishing it on an “official” governement Web site. (more…)

An early morning phone call December 7, 2005

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I called Ruth Munson this morning about 8 a.m. This, of course was in reference to my previous posts on “technical changes” amendments in the General Assembly, which can be found here, here and here. I talked to the secretary in her Elgin office (no name given). After explaining who I was and that I would like to speak with Munson about a number of the bills she is sponsoring she proceeded with few questions. (more…)

More on the ILGA December 7, 2005

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A few thoughts to investigate, if you care to endure the genesis of this story.

First, 70th District State Rep. Robert Pritchard (R-Hinckley) is not the chief sponsor of a single current bill labeled with the infamous “TECH” after its description on the Web site for the General Assembly (see the sidebar for the link). (more…)

A surreal, journalist’s dream December 6, 2005

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Okay, so I said I was going to update if I heard from 43rd District State Rep. Ruth Munson (R-Elgin), but this was just too good to resist and since I have free time now I couldn’t help but continue this investigation into lunacy in the Illinois General Assembly. However, I have not yet heard from Munson.

It appears that Munson is on the fast track to getting Munsoned in the middle of nowhere, if anyone picks this up. This is so bad it is making my brain hurt right now. I thought it was ridiculous that Munson had sponsored HB1346, which made a ‘technical’ change to the Toll Highway Act which in reality wasn’t a change at all, (see here). But the Munson sponsorship of benign and pointless legislation doesn’t end there.

I cannot figure out if Munson is just the token ‘technical’ changes representative or if she actually thinks this stuff is a good idea. I cannot wait for her to call me back because now there are many more questions to ask.

Munson is the chief sponsor of no less than 42 bills and resolutions in the 94th Illinois General Assembly. Of those 42 legislative items 19 of them are ‘technical’ changes in a similar vein to those changes, if you want to call them that, in HB1346. This may be a ploy to look busy, or pad her resume, so to speak, or maybe she doesn’t read any of this and just lets clerks and secretaries deal with it, hard to say until I hear from her. The list that follows links to the text of those bills involving pointless technical changes and the Illinois Compiled Statutes that these bills are supposedly changing. Compare them yourself, I have to warn you though, it may make your eyes and/or brain bleed.
Munson Sponsored Technically changed Bills, the changes and the laws they supposedly change for comparison
HB0620 ‘and’ changed to ‘and’ –Amends the Vital Records Act (Sec. 25) (410 ILCS 535/)
HB0621 ‘that changed to ‘that’ –Amends the State Treasurer Act (Sec. 1) (15 ILCS 505/)
HB0622 ‘the’ changed to ‘the –Amends the Governor Transition Act (Sec. 1) (15 ILCS 10/1)
HB0623 ‘and changed to ‘and’ –Amends the Open Meetings Act (Sec. 1.01) (5 ILCS 120/1.01)
HB0624 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Freedom of Information Act (Sec. 1.1) (5 ILCS 140/1.1)
HB0625 ‘the changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Election Code (Sec. 1-1) (10 ILCS 5/1-1)
HB0626 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Election Code (Sec. 1-2) (10ILCS 5/1-2)
HB0627 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Election Code (Sec. 1-4) (10 ILCS 5/1-4)
HB0628 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act (Sec. 1-1) (5 ILCS 100/1-1)
HB0629 ‘and’ changed to ‘and’ –Amends the Illinois Pension Code (Sec. 2-101) (40 ILCS 5/2-101)
HB0630 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Illinois Pension Code (Sec.1-101.1) (40 ILCS 5/1-101.1)
HB0631 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Illinois Pension Code (Sec. 1A-103) (40 ILCS 5/1A-103)
HB0632 ‘an’ changed to ‘an’ –Amends the Vital Records Act (Sec. 2) (410 ILCS 535/2)
HB0633 ‘is’ changed to ‘is’ –Amends the Vital Records Act (Sec. 3) (410 ILCS 535/3)
HB1346 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Toll Highway Act (Sec. 2) (605 ILCS 10/2)
HB1347 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ (same bill as HB1346) –Amends the Toll Highway Act (Sec. 2) (605 ILCS 10/2)
HB2395 ‘and’ changed to ‘and’ –Amends the Illinois Insurance Code (Sec. 1) (215 ILCS 5/1)
HB2397 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Illinois Procurement Code (Sec. 1-5) (30 ILCS 500/1-5)
HB2702 ‘the’ changed to ‘the’ –Amends the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois (Sec. 1-1) (20 ILCS 5/1-1)

The parenthetical sections are the sections of each law that are being amended and thus the sections that can be compared to the text of the bills sponsored by Munson. If looked at it becomes obvious that all of the above listed bills are completely pointless. The Illinois Compiled Statutes can also be perused at will at ilga.gov.
What a waste of time, space and money this crap is, at least all of these “amendments” are currently stuck in the Rules Committee.

The ILGA, the last bastion of idiocy? December 6, 2005

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Griping about politicians is common place and cliché. But this one is astounding, things like this make me feel stupid to be, not only an Illinoisan, but also an American. Thanks to the treasure trove of information available on ilga.gov legislation and laws are at the fingertips.
So when I stumbled on this I thought it was newsworthy, as well as opinion worthy. First the links though. Read these both and then think for a minute.

Amendment to the Illinois Toll Highway Act

The Toll Highway Act (605 ILCS 10/), Focus on Section Two (the amended section above)

Notice anything? I sure as heck did. (more…)