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1.09.06-Frontier meats & Beltex

Jan. 9, 2006

Beltex Corporation, owner of the Fort Worth slaughterhouse is better known, it would appear, as Frontier Meats.

Interestingly, Frontier Meats does not mention, on their Web site, the fact that as well as beef and ostrich they also have horse meat for sale. I suppose it’s no wonder considering the widely held belief that public opinion is decidely against horse slaughter in the United States. But the fact that both Frontier Meats and Dallas Crown (as well as its parent company) maintain a web presence is a step beyond what Cavel International and its parent company Velda have put out there. (link in Italian, right click and translate).

Driving by the Cavel plant here in DeKalb is highly reflective of the lack of information readily available about the plant and its Belgian owner. The place is on virtual lockdown. Surrounded by wrought iron fences with gated entry ways, its looks like a Cold War nuclear research station from the outside. I half expected to look up at the roof and see a sniper perched, waiting for a trespasser or hapless journalist.

It’s almost as if Velda and Cavel have given up the lost PR war and chosen to hunker down and wait out the storm.

Remember the email I told you I sent to Velda over in Belgium? (If not scroll down to the Dec. 22 post on this page). They never responded to it, not surprisingly. I guess having your plant(s) “burned down” causes you to coil up a bit.



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