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1.10.06-Illinois slaughter legislation

Federal legislation aside the state of Illinois has its own pending legislation which would explicitly outlaw the slaughter of horses for human consumption within the state.

This is nothing new, bills have been proposed in the Illinois House and Senate over the last several years, many of them died off in committees or because of the ending of the legislative session.

The horse slaughtering lobby must have far reaching power because these bills always seem to vaporize in Illinois and, to an extent, on the federal level as well. This is striking because there are only three operating horse slaughtering plants in the entire nation. If it is truly a powerful lobby that keeps horse slaughter legal that is a scary statement for democracy regardless of what your opinion on the horse slaughter debate is.

Think about it like this, if an industry that operates three plants in the United States can wield heavy legislative influence what can a company with an even larger stake in the economic vitality of the country accomplish. Like, say, Ford, or Phillip Morris.

The fall of civilization aside the only current bill concerning horse slaughter in the Illinois General Assembly is HB 1171. The exact same bill died last January because of Session Sine Die, fancy latin nonsense for the end of the legislative session. That bill, SB 1921, passed the Senate in March 2003, only about a month after it was introduced. Then it went to the House and lingered in and out of commitee until Jan. 2005 when the Session Sine Die ended the bill’s existence apparantly. Two months later Rep. Robert Malaro, the chief House sponsor of SB 1921 reintroduced the bill as HB 1171 and thus the saga continues.



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