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12.22.05 (2nd Entry)-Chevideco correction

I said in an old post, “American horse slaughtering–Part Three” that the Dallas Crown, Inc. horse slaughtering plant is owned by a company called Chevideco France, that was incorrect. Here is what I said:

“Dallas Crown is apparently a French-0wned company, although this has also proven difficult to track down. Thanks again to the aforementioned paper by Goydon and Kindel I think I may have figured it out (the previously linked site with a slew of info on Multimeat also assisted in this search).

It appears the Dallas Crown plant is owned by Chevideco France, which is based in Roncq, near the Belgium-France border.”

The plant is owned by Chevideco but not Chevideco France. Perusing the Internet I found out about this conference for food and beverage producers, packagers and the like. And I found this document which provided the names of the companies involved in the show/conference and their booth number as well as their Website (if they had one) and nation of origin. The only reason I stumbled on this is because Velda was in attendance and thus this came back as a result in one of the various searches I attempted.

So, I thought, why not look for the companies that own Bel-Tex and Dallas Crown. Multimeat, N.V. didn’t show to that conference but Chevideco did. Here is the line from the above document on Chevideco:

“Chevideco Groothandel paardenvlees Belgium 09.1 C050 http://www.chevideco.be

I was like, hmmm that’s not France so I copied the link and went to the site and low and behold these folks own Dallas Crown! So the writers of the paper I and other information relied on were incorrect. It’s amazing what you can find out without really doing anything, like say, calling France or Belgium, forget that noise.

Anyway look for another update soon because reading their site and Dallas Crown’s gives me a few thoughts to opine.


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