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12.22.05-Velda contact info

Better contact info for Velda Group here, I think anyway. I never heard back on my email to the address provided by the Belgian business guide. I found a different email address, velda@velda.be and it has yet to kick back to me, the business day should be well underway in Belgium and the site linked above says they only employee 43 people so I doubt it’s so clogged with red tape as to stop them from seeing my email.

I also wanted to link this site for the what NPR identified as a “Web site for Texas horse slaughter facilities.”

So there is the other side but some interesting debates were raised in November in the Niagara Falls Reporter. The first one is about carcinogenic horse meat, the second one (which actually ran first) is about a Congressional snow job and horse slaughter. Interesting reads they are.

Other interesting notes, from December: Kaufman moves to shut down Dallas Crown, Inc.
Also the Belgian Embassy in Washington D.C. has a corporate directory which has listing for Cavel under the auspices of the Van Damme Holding Company, if you click on the little flag to the right of the entry you get correct contact info for Velda N.V., the parent company of Cavel Int’l or Van Damme Holding Company.

Velda N.V.
Lokerenbaan1319240 Zele
Phone: (32) 52-449211
Fax: (32) 52-450008

No web page though, that’s it for now. Adieu.



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