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12.23.05-Companies Chevideco owns

Chevideco, the company that owns Dallas Crown, Inc. (a Fort Worth horse slaughter facility), is not solely invested in Texas. As was the same with Velda N.V. in Belgium the Chevideco company has facilities throughout the world. In existence since 1946, Chevideco has largely been a three generation family company.

The Chevideco Web site is a nifty flash site that functions works well. There are a lot of pictures of horses both in sausage and sirloin form and the home on the range form. Strange.

Anyway, what do they own?

Besides Dallas Crown:

Frigorifica Equino Entre Rios (FEER SA)–FEER SA and Chevideco have collaborated to bring the world a new label of horse meat, “CORONA.” Through FEER SA, Chevideco offers horse meat “cut to the express wish of the customer.”

Rekkem–Situated in Belgium this slaughterhouse provides Chevideco with: horse purchase, slaughtering, processing and distribution. They also cut and package horse meat for delivery. Rekkem also imports foreign horse meat for Chevideco, it is the company headquarters.

Chevalex Srl–This Romainian company is a slaughterhouse that eliminates the extra step of having wholesalers package the meat when it arrives. Since the summer of 2004 Chevalex has been packaging the meat at the slaughterhouse, which Chevideco really seems to like. They specialize in meat for human consumption.

Alpine Export–This facility in New Zealand processes horse meat exclusively for Chevideco. They don’t say much about Alpine other than the meat meets stringent requirements and is mostly delievered via air freight.

Interestingly enough, the Chevideco corporate web page doesn’t say anything about the Dallas Crown plant only providing horse meat for carnivore diets in zoos and wildlife parks.

Here is what the Chevideco description of Dallas Crown says:

“With a view to better going along with the widely divergent wishes of the customers, and to be able to guarantee regularity both in terms of quality and supplies, Chevideco decided to start a new company, Dallas Crown Inc.

Dallas Crown Inc. is located in Kaufman, Texas, USA and produces horsemeat of a superior quality. This horsemeat is available in various forms and packagings, from freshly slaughtered carcass to fresh, chilled or frozen, boned packed horsemeat. If so desired, importers can receive deliveries directly from the slaughterhouse in the United States. Deliveries are made by air freight or by ship freight, in compliance with the wishes of the customer. Dallas Crown Inc. takes all necessary measures to guarantee that the required food safety standards are met.”

Of course, Dallas Crown’s own Web site is pretty specific.

“Dallas Crown provides Carnivore Diet for zoos and wildlife centers across the United States. Carnivore Diet products under USDA and EU regulations and supervision.”

If you read my opinion on what the pending legislation could mean for Dallas Crown you will see the problem this presents.

Their entire fate, if HR 503 passes (S. 1915), hinges upon whether or not they slaughter horses for human consumption or not.


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