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1.25.06-Pro horse slaughter groups

There is another side to this horse slaughter debate, even here in DeKalb. There are a number of prominent horse-related organizations and veterinary associations that endorse horse slaughtering as a humane alternative for owners of unwanted horses.

One such organization is the American Quarter Horse Association. They have a pamphlet meant to help horse owners who have to deal with an unwanted horse. Click here to see the whole 8 page PDF. There is a brief
mention of horse slaughter which endorses horse slaughter: (most relevant parts highlighted).

“An option unthinkable by many horse owners (and we respect these owners’ beliefs) is slaughter. There are three horse processing plants in the United States where approximately 50,000 horses are processed annually. Horses that are processed are traditionally unserviceable, vicious or otherwise unacceptable in today’s equestrian community.

The plants are federally regulated with on-site U.S.D.A. Veterinarians, and the processing conditions are acceptable to both the American Veterinary Medical Association and American Association of Equine Practitioners. Certainly, many horse owners would not consider this as an option for their unwanted horse, but for certain horses it provides a humane alternative to additional suffering or possibly dangerous situations. We respect the right of the responsible horse owner to choose this option when applicable.”

The American Quarter Horse Association is a 353,000 member (2004) group, whose mission is, among other items, “To record and preserve the pedigrees of the American Quarter Horse while maintaining the integrity of the breed.” Membership in AQHA has increased from about 166,000 in 1985 to the 2004 353,000+. Over 65,000 of the group’s members reside in Texas or California. 7,324 Illinoisians were members of the AQHA in 2004.

Find out what an American Quarter Horse is here, (from AQHA).

Other equine organizations have also opined on the horse slaughter debate. The American Association of Equine Practioners is self described as:

“. . . the world’s largest professional association of equine veterinarians. The AAEP’s mission is to improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members, and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry.”

They are a veterinary organization established in 1954 by 11 veterinarians, “equine practitioners.” Today, there are over 8,000 “equine practitioners” in the AAEP. Their online history is available here. The AAEP has a position statement on the transportation and processing of unwanted horses available here.

The gist of it is they condone the horse slaughter industry, if they didn’t I probably wouldn’t bother mentioning them. Everyone in the world has their own little anti-slaughter group, this post is for pro-slaughter crowd. A snippet from the AAEP position statement:

“The AAEP recognizes that the processing of unwanted horsesis currently a necessary aspect of the equine industry, and provides a humane alternative to allowing the horse to continue a life of discomfort and pain, and possibly inadequate care or abandonment.”

This is provided that the horses are:

–Treated humanely and with dignity;

–Transported to the production facility according to
the guidelines approved by the United States
Department of Agriculture in 2002;

–Euthanized in a humane manner in accordance with the
guidelines established by the American Veterinary
Medical Association.

I’ll get back to the AVMA and what “humane manner” means after I talk about their stance on the horse processing industry in the United States. But first a bit more on the AAEP.

The organization has a postion statement on H.R. 503 as well (S. 1915) which I blogged about here, here and here, as well as if you scroll down to the Jan. 9 update on this page.

Read the entire H.R. 503 position statement PDF here.

Here’s part of what the AAEP says about H.R. 503″

“The AAEP believes that slaughter is not the ideal solution for addressing the large number of unwanted horses in the U.S. However, if a horse owner is unable or unwilling to provide humane care and no one is able to assume the responsibility, humane euthanasia by captive bolt at a U.S.D.A.-regulated facility is an acceptable alternative to a life of suffering, inadequate care or abandonment.”

They also have a number of “concerns” listed which include a one paragraph explanation following each of the these headings: Long term placement of affected horses, funding of care for unwanted horses, and the ambiguous language of the bill itself. They suggest to “address the root cause, not the symptom.”

Now, back to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The AVMA is a non-profit association which was established in 1863. The group represents more than 73,000 veterinarians working in many different fields, from government to academia.

They have a statement on what is meant by humane. The AVMA has, as well, a position statement on “transportation and processing of horses.”

An excerpt:

“The AVMA endorses the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ policy on transportation and processing of horses.”

So the AVMA agrees with AAEP, whose statement on transportation and processing is linked above.

Then there is always commonhorsesense.com, a site notorious amongst the anti-slaughter crowd. Looks like it was recently updated too. The commmonhorsesense folks have linked a letter from Philip M. Seng, CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation.

In addition to those organizations and links there are others, with varying positions, or questionable positions as some might claim. Some are listed below.

The American Horse Council says:

“The AHC is neutral on the legislation because it has organizations and individual members both supporting and opposing a federal legislative ban.”

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says:

Horse slaughter is a humane management option for animals that are generally older or in poor health.”

The Horsemen’s Council of Illinois (affiliated with the American Horse Council) has a number of pro slaughter resources as well as links to the position statement of the AQHA, AVMA, AAEP and the Illinois Farm Bureau.

As for the Illinois Farm Bureau, they have an outline of all of their 2006 policies here (released Jan. 13). Included is a policy on Equine Agriculture. It states, among other things:

“We support . . . options for end-of-life alternatives for equine including humane processing for human consumption, or other uses, provided all state and federal guidelines are observed.”

Overall, it seems a lot of large organizations support horse slaughter for human consumption.


1. Rutger - September 7, 2006

I support horses for human consumption too. I’m a reasonable guy, animals are animals, humans are humans. I don’t support murder, but all animals are in a different category. I don’t think horses are an endangered specie either, the only other sensible reason not to kill a living creature for food or because of sickness.

I like riding horses, but they are no different from other animals. Cats and dogs, though they give companionship to people (like myself) should be permitted for human consumption as well, as long as the legal owner of said animal agrees to that.

If you’re a vegan you can say what you want, I’ll still disagree but grant you your very valid opinion. However as long as you eat animal products in any way or wear them on your feet, waist or as your car’s luxury interior… an anti horse slaughter statement from your mouth is pretty poorly convincing.

2. Rutger - September 7, 2006

PS, where can I get a bumper sticker?

3. dr. gonzo - September 8, 2006

I disagree with your first statement, animals are animals and humans are humans. That being said I am trying very hard not to consume meat. That aside, I don’t know where you can get a bumper sticker, you could make your own, there are people that do that for whatever cause. Thanks for your input though.

4. salebarn hand - September 26, 2006

i work at a sale barn and we have slaughter horses come through the sale. i can personaly tell you that i have never seen a horse in good flesh, with out coggins, go to the slaughter company. All of the good fleshed horses that are sold to slaughter houses, come in with a positive coggins, or no coggins papers, which if a horse has no coggins papers from a vet then we have to sell him as a slaughter horse. Slaughter houses also do not buy good riding horse because they do not pay high dollar for the horses. A lot of slaughter houses pay pennies per pound, which discourages people to sell good horse to them. so they buy the cripple, old, coggins horse, of which the owners know they are going to slaughter.

5. yinn - September 27, 2006

I need “coggins” explained to me.

6. Jenny - October 3, 2006

Hi, everyone.

If we all work together then maybe we can help get this bill passed. Me and some friends are asking people to send an email to their senators asking them to push this bill through and vote to end horse slaughtering.

Go to http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/ and type in your zip code. Send an email to both of your US senators and tell them to stop horse slaughtering. The vote is coming before the Senate in early October so please do it NOW! :-) Thanks!!!

And here is a blog that we set up so you can read more information about it:


7. Michelle Rudland - February 26, 2007

It should be criminal to ban the slaughter of any sort of unendangered livestock when there are starving people in this world. HELLO! Horses are LIVESTOCK! There are starving children out there and this country is vain enough to have legistaltion to prevent the slaughter of livestock that would otherwise be starving behind someones barn, turned loose on roads to be run into and hurt people, or simply be shot in the middle of nowhere and left to rot!

8. Alan C.J. - February 28, 2007

“It should be criminal to ban the slaughter of any sort of unendangered livestock when there are starving people in this world. HELLO! Horses are LIVESTOCK! There are starving children out there and this country is vain enough to have legistaltion to prevent the slaughter of livestock that would otherwise be starving behind someones barn, turned loose on roads to be run into and hurt people, or simply be shot in the middle of nowhere and left to rot!”

Your point has only one flaw, and that is that horses are not feeding poor starving children. They are a Rich peoples food in Europe and Japan. A delicacy

9. shannon - April 2, 2007

When God created animals he was very specific about their uses. Any animal without a cloven hoof that does not chew it’s cud should not be eaten. And many horses that are slaughtered are not old or sick. Horses used for Premarin-a menopause drug for women-are sent to slaughter along with their foals (the “by product” of the drug). Ex-racehorses that could have future careers as eventers or jumpers are also sent to slaughter. WIld horses that could be domesticated are slaughtered. Slaughter is also not always humane, laws are concerning transportation are often broken, and sometimes the dead bolt gun meant to kill the horse malfunctions. And anyway, their are plenty of rescue centers that responsible horse owners can send their horses to if they can no longer care for them. Horses are more than just dumb animals if you take the time to observe them you will see that they have thoughts and emotions very like humans, they just can’t express them as well.

10. Kym - April 5, 2007

“Horses are more than just dumb animals if you take the time to observe them you will see that they have thoughts and emotions very like humans, they just can’t express them as well.”

So do cows, chickens, lambs, pigs and goats.
I’ve heard many a tale of pigs that are smarter than dogs, cows that are part of the family, one of a pet ram that was the “gaurd dog” for the children, several people have pet chickens (including me), while not the brightest tool in the shed, they also have personalities. And several stories of the intelligence and highly individualized personalities of pet goats that are often trained to pull little carts or cary packs.

Yet we Americans eat these animals on a daily basis without any second thoughts (I still eat chicken). Why is the horse more special than a pig, who is quite a bit smarter.

I own horses and love them, but I don’t oppose horse slaughter for human consumption.

11. walter cockroft - October 12, 2007

Question…..How long have you had your horses,,do you love them….then how can you endorse eating them? Would you sell them to slaughter and do the ultimate betrayle. Horses help form this country. They supported John Paul Jones, Custer, Teddy Roosevelt, explorers, John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and the Lone Ranger, just to mention a few. When was the last time you saw a cow jumping fences in competition. Horses are also great athletes. Has a cow ever died in a cavalry charge? Did a goat, chicken, pig or cow carry the virgin mary? No. An equine did. They butcher donkeys, mules and burros also. Would you eat Trigger, Silver or Mr. Ed? If you want to eat your horse thats your business, stay out of mine

12. Anna Rachael Thomson - October 13, 2007

my pony was saved from horse slaughter.
without him i wouldn’t have been able to survive these lase few months. my friend died in february which triggered some highly severe depression so to anyone who like the idea of INHUMANE KILLING FOR OUR OWN INDULGANCE SO ANYONE WHHO HAS MANAGED TO GET GET IT INTO THEIR F***ING TINY BRAIN THAT WASTING RESOURCES TO KILL OUR BEST FRIENDS CAN JUST F*** OFF TO THE HOME OF THEIR INGNORANT RETARDED PRESIDENT WHO DOESN’T REALISE THAT MEAT WASTES RESOURECES AND THAT YOU SHOULD BE CUTTING DOWN BY 90% OR THE ATMOSPHERE WILL HAVE COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED WITHIN EIGHT YEARS.how dare you slaughter not only thousands of champion horses (my pony rides county and national tracks and we are hoping to qualify for the european champs) but the hearts of the clever ones too.

13. K - October 17, 2007

“So do cows, chickens, lambs, pigs and goats.
I’ve heard many a tale of pigs that are smarter than dogs, cows that are part of the family, one of a pet ram that was the “gaurd dog” for the children, several people have pet chickens (including me), while not the brightest tool in the shed, they also have personalities. And several stories of the intelligence and highly individualized personalities of pet goats that are often trained to pull little carts or cary packs.”

Beacause horses aren’t raised for human consumption like cows, chickens, goats, sheep and pigs are.

Horses are not raised for consumption. They are bred and raised for companionship, showmanship, horseracing or for therapy. Horses are lucky to enjoy the status of being a magnificent creature without equal. Horses have a long history of being war time heroes and royal gifts of kings. There is seldom a statue of a hero without their horse in this country. They also stand for speed, wind and freedom. Humans love and honor to horses is displayed throughout this country. Pictures of horses are placed on license plates (Wyoming, Texas, etc) and cars are named after them (Mustang for example). The magic or the horse is without competition and as humans, we are only betraying ourselves if we treat this animal that we have created to be such a conqueror of hearts as all this would mean nothing.

14. fraz - October 23, 2007

i own a horse to and i still think he would taste good,but hes to expinseiv to eat.mmmm horse


15. Ron - December 3, 2007

Let’s look at the big picture. The horse slaughter ban is the result of animal rights activists lobbying for it and winning, at least in part. So, what’s next, cows, chickens, goats, pigs, or maybe yaks? Or will it be deer, elk, geese, ducks, quail, etc? I believe if this legislation goes all the way through the Senate and becomes federal law, those activists will put their crosshairs on the next target.

The method – captive bolt – humane or inhumane – that is the question. If humane for cows or other animals that are slaughtered in this country for human consumption, then humane for horses.
If not humane for horses then not humane for other animals.

This is the animal rights activists agenda. To completely eliminate the killing of animals for human consumption.

So, if we all want to become vegetarians then all we have to do is nothing. Thus allowing these organizations to continue to win.

This is a battle for our rights. If we don’t fight back with legislation then we accept the outcome of doing nothing.

16. loo - December 16, 2007

any person that supports the right to kill unborn children should support the killing of anything.

17. laura - December 17, 2007

any one that says its ok to kill unborn children should support the killing of anything. first horses are NOT pets they do not sleep in ur bed, they do not sit in your living room, and they cant IN your car. although their primary use is not cunsumption thats not the point, no abuse isnt directly affected by slaughter but it will be there is enough abuse it will rise now that people have no where to get rid horses. its unrealistic for anyone to think that people will “put down” horses. they will shoot them and if they keep wiggling they will shoot them agian. rendering services are huge who is really going to pay that rich people ohh thats nice. my vet tech talked to me about putting animals down and its not always the most humane a lot of animals deficate or have seziures hmmm that makes me warm and fuzzy. cause its a fact not everyone cares about horses you cant change that and once agian if you support a womans right to choose if she kills her child you have no room to tell anyone how they can kill a horse

18. Dothia - January 25, 2008

What does horse slaughter have to do with abortion ? That was a really weird comment. …… Well I feel that I as a horse person whom has worked with sporting horses of all kinds can give a good we’ll educated opinion on this matter. I’m a vegan . Let me adress some excuses that hippocritickle people use to say that horse slaughter is wrong. ( Horses are pets and people ride them.) : OK , but the same goes for cattle , sheep, and goats. Chicken are kept as beloved family pets too. Also wild horse and sport horses are not bred to be pets. Sport horses are bred with the fact that they may have to be slaughtered in mind. Sport horses also don’t make good pets, they are bred for sporting and slaughter only. They are usually very agressive not pet quality animals. ( Horses are bred for thier atheletic abilities and recreational intertainment.) OK, but cattle, sheep, goats, chickens and turkey are also bred for one or both purposes. ( Horses are more intelligent than other animals.) Not true, pigs and goats have been proven in scientific studies to be more intelligent than horses. Cattle are around the same intellectualy as a horse. I say this from my own experiences with cattle and horses. (Horse salughter is more inhumane than the slaughter of other animals.) Actually horse slaughter is more humane than the slaughter of other animals. Horses are required to have food and water during transport. Thay are also required to be unconscous when slaughtered. There is always a vet to make shore this happens and the vet has the right to stop the process if he or she feels that the laws stating that these things must be done are not met. There are many laws regulating and protecting slaughter horses. On the other hand There are not laws regulating the slaughter of other animals. In some states you are not required to render , cattle, pigs, and chickens unconscious before slitting thier throats. Do I even have to mention veil calves. We don’t make veil out of foals. Also there are no laws regulating the transport of cattle, pigs, or fowl. They aren’t required to give them food or water .

19. Kimberly - January 28, 2008

I have a question for those of you in favor of the horse slaughter ban. What do you propose we do with the thousands of horses that are processed annually? Are each of you going to adopt 5 or 10 horses? Will you feed, vaccinnate, and care for these horses? 50,000 horses are processed annually in the U.S. There are people who are already unable to care for their horses, so they are turning them loose in the wild, or in national parks. What do you feel is more humane? A quick and relatively painless death in a processing plant, or a long, slow death through starvation, or by disease. I own horses, my parents own horses and are member of the industry as breeders and trainers. I hate the idea of our horses going to slaughter, but it is absolutely a necessary evil. Horses are, at the end of the day, livestock. Banning slaughter is going to cause many, many horses to die slow, undignified deaths. Let these horses go to some good use through slaughter.

20. Andie Guess - February 3, 2008

If you are a vegan, good for you, I don’t advocate for you to be required to eat meat…….However you are advocating for it to be required for me to be vegan. Horse slaughter is the tip of the iceberg on these type laws..chickens-pigs-cows are next..watch out Burger King!…Whether healthy, young or old, regardless of desirable status or wanted/unwanted status, horse slaughter held the floor price on horses. Now they are for free like cats and dogs. I have seen more abuses of cats and dogs than I care to admit, mainly because they have no monetary value…….I find them dumped on the backroads, even as pups and kittens. I am finding horses dumped now. I have picked up numerous horses for free from people who can’t sell them. When slaughter is gone as an option, poorer people can afford a horse, they will also breed indiscriminately as they do now with cats and dogs.
Now I haul my horses to shows and you want to make it possible for me to be under some governmental finger that I be required to tell my business to them, get permits to haul my own property, in effect costing me money? Where did my Constitutinal rights go as a citizen of a supposed free country? Why is it that my horse ownership rights are taken, while a cattle, goat, chicken, pig, etc. owner retains those rights? The above animals are sold for slaughter and their market remains strong, while my property has been devaluated by the laws of Congress. My marketable means are deminished by prejudice, while the economy slumbers…..the horse economy moves to Mexico and Mexicans now enjoy the profits stolen from American Horse Owners! By the way, do some history research….Americans were eating horses up until the 70’s! If anyone thinks cattle haven’t died in wars….then they must have missed the American history classes required in every American School………the name of those animals were Oxen (YA know those cattle that brought all those wagons west, pulled those big bad canons to the front lines……they didn’t scare nor as flighty as horses, very brave beasts…..Oh and those homing pigeons……) I don’t hear anyone screaming about how they die…..well at least not right now…….but just wait their next on the list, til America is VEGAN!

21. Emily Howard - February 12, 2008

Even though horse slaughter is not pretty, and is viewed as cruel, disgusting and evil to many people, it is a necessary practice to the well being of not only the agriculture society, but for the welfare of all horses alike.
Horse slaughter is an issue often set aside from the public’s mainstream of discussion. Whenever the issue is arose, people are often given negative biased views about the slaughter industry, thus spreading negative biased opinions throughout the general public. It is like a nasty disease. Once these views are spread, it is hard to get people to except the better argument. I am strongly for the slaughter of horses, and I wish more people could see what I see, and understand why horse slaughter is a necessary evil.

Before I get more in-depth on my subject, let me explain exactly what horse slaughter is. To put it simply, horse slaughter is the killing of horses for human consumption. Horse meat is considered a delicacy in many European and Asian countries. The way a horse is killed is completely humane, contrary to popular belief. A pneumatic device shoots a stream of air or a retractable 4” bolt into the animal’s brain, rendering it unconscious, before the throat is cut. People often think the horse is still fully conscious during the butchering process, which is not true unless the animal is kosher. Many people try to argue this by showing graphic pictures of horse slaughter, saying a picture speaks louder than words. Like I said earlier, horse slaughter is not pretty. These pictures often show a dead animal hanging from the ceiling being skinned or horses in the “knockout” box with a bolt gun in their head. All animals are slaughtered in this manner. Most of the people who use this argument have never seen where their meat comes from, and that the horse is actually dead while all of this is occurring.

There are many argument throw about by anti slaughter movements on why horse butchering is evil. One such argument is that horses are a valuable part to America’s history, and it is wrong to destroy such an epic icon. Well, aren’t cattle a valuable part to America’s history too? Think about it. Cattle basically defined America more than anything! Without cattle, there would have been no need at all for the horse, there would have been no “Wild West” that America is so well known for, no cow boys, major cities and rail roads would have never been created. This is a terrible anti slaughter argument.
Another such argument is that horses are domesticated, and considered more as pets that people show love and affection for. Because of this, it is wrong to slaughter horses. Horses are livestock. All livestock is domesticated. I know plenty of people including myself that has had livestock such as cattle as pets that they show ‘love and affection for.’ So it’s okay to slaughter other kinds of livestock, but it’s wrong to slaughter horses?

One argument that bothers me the most is that not only sick, injured, and old horses go to slaughter, but perfectly healthy ones as well. This may be the case, but all horses end up in slaughter for a reason. If the horse is perfectly healthy, it may have a mental issue, making it unsafe around people, other horses, and property. The horses that end up at slaughter have never been ‘loved’ by another human, or they wouldn’t have ended up there in the first place (unless they were stolen).
People also say that instead of sending a horse to slaughter, a responsible horse owner will have their animal euthanized if it is sick, injured, or they are unable to take care of it any longer. I think this is a fairy tale argument. The people who make up a majority of the horse world are in it mainly for the money, because once again, horses are livestock. These people are not going to pay to kill a piece of investment if it becomes injured or sick. Instead, they will sell it for a quick $200 or more at an auction for slaughter instead of spending money to have a vet come to your place, pay to euthanize it, then pay to have it disposed of. When you are trying to make money, you just don’t do that.

In early 2007, congress put into effect the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, which closed down all horse slaughter plants in the U.S. Quickly thereafter, the horse market virtually collapsed, depleting the cost of the average horse by hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Privately owned auction houses went bankrupt, horse buying jockeys and kill buyers were without a job, and hundreds of horse breeders who once made a fine living off of their business were in economic trouble. I do not honestly know why the kill market set the floor price for every horse, but it did, at least in the Midwest.
My main concern about this is where are all of these unwanted, worthless horses supposed to go? Did congress ever think this over? Well I will tell you were these horses ended up. Slowly being starved to death in some back pasture is where they are, because they have nowhere else to go. If someone does not want their horses anymore, and they are unable to sell them, they are not going to pay to have them euthanized, and they don’t want to pay to make sure this animal is receiving proper food and vet care. What I don’t understand is why these people just don’t put a bullet in the horses head, and save some time and money in the long run. Who knows, maybe they think slaughter will some day come back, or maybe a bullet is worth more than a horse.
Sure there are rescues, but they are running out of both room and money, both of which many people fail to realize a horse takes great amounts of. It only too Kentucky about 4 weeks to complain of massive over-population issues of “unneeded” thoroughbreds. There are not enough people either willing or stupid enough to spend their hard earned money on some lunatic worn down horse that has no market value and that no one wants to adopt. These ‘pony loving’ anti-slaughter fools who got this mess started fail to realize this.
These anti slaughter fools argue back that “Anti Cruelty laws enforced by every state prevent irresponsible owners from beating and starving their horses,” and that “The overflow can be handled. Responsible breeding and management of horses, combined with the efforts of rescue and adoption agencies, are providing the answer to this issue.”(Equine Protection Organization) This is far from reality. If the anti cruelty laws were really preventing such acts, there wouldn’t be scores of starving horses showing up at local auction blocks across the United States. There are also no breeding management programs in effect. So yea, people are still out there breeding away horses that are worth nothing, and making the situation worse. Most of these horses are passes from auction to auction, until they die from disease months or years down the road. If I were that horse, I’d rather just have a quick bolt to the head instead of going through all that suffering. (Some people need a quick bolt to the head too)
Closing horse slaughter plants will not stop the slaughter of horses. In fact, it is forcing slaughter-buyers to ship these horses to Canada & Mexico, where the animals are treated even less humanely. Mexico is barbaric in their treatment of the “good” horses, and indescribably awful in their treatment of horses for meat. If horse slaughter is as bad as people make it out to be, why does the Americans Quarter Horse Association and the American Association of Equine Practioners, two highly influential and educated groups, support the horse slaughter industry?

One cruelty argument that I do agree with is how the animals are transferred. The horses are often packed into double deck stock trailers. The horses will often fight, breaking limbs and killing each other on the way to the slaughter plant. I also disagree with the fact that some horses waited up to months in holding pens to be slaughter, not receiving adequate water and often no food. But this could have been fixed! Regulate the slaughter houses, regulate the trailers, regulate the slaughter plants. I don’t mean to say that every horse should be fed it’s proverbial last meal in a 14×14 freshly bedded box stall before being led out to a lavishly-decorated “death chamber”, but a happy medium between that and being brutally packed into overcrowded trailers and forced to walk through chutes until they’re bolted in the head would be nice.

I would never send a horse to slaughter, and I don’t like the idea of slaughter, but I like the idea of horses being treated worse than death even less. The simple solution to this problem is to re-open every horse rendering plant in the U.S. and end the suffering of so many horses across our nation.

22. Tek - March 18, 2008

“Closing horse slaughter plants will not stop the slaughter of horses. In fact, it is forcing slaughter-buyers to ship these horses to Canada & Mexico, where the animals are treated even less humanely. Mexico is barbaric in their treatment of the “good” horses, and indescribably awful in their treatment of horses for meat.”
This is very true and a main argument of a speech I am about to present in a class about this subject. Google it or look on Youtube there is a vidio I saw earlyer today where a Mexican worker used a knife to the spinal cord. Not only that but they have a trip to Mexico where the transport regulations are far worse than the U.S. My point is that there will be horse meat one way or another which I fully support. We might as well give them a good send off in our humane plants with a bolt in the head and swift death than a knife to the back.. and that my friends is the “ultimate betrayal” or whatever you activists are calling it now.

23. Tek - March 18, 2008

Sorry for the spelling I did not double check.

24. Amy Knowles Keach - March 24, 2008

Amen Emily! Funny how the big breeders, AQHA, APHA, TB, etc. are the ones everyone points fingers at. However how many people are the backyard breeders out there…. they have a mare, their neighbor has a stallion, so lets have a foal! Just because you have an open uterus does not mean there needs to be a baby in it. If you have a stud GELD him! The world is filled with too many as it is, let alone some mixed breed unregistered stallion that will only be a pasture ornament.

We have been in the horse business for decades. We have seen the ups and downs. We are not a large scale breeding operatiion, but only breed on occasion when we will need another prospect to bring along to show. Due to that EVERY horse that we have bred has a show record. For those who are clueless about the horse show world, that says alot not only in the time that we have invested but the money. We are a one income middle class family, that must budget, budget, budget to get the horses cared for properly and shown.

Each and every horse that we have produced or purchased and then resold is sold with a first right of refusal. If for any reason they need to sell or can no longer care for it, they must contact us first. There are MANY people out there that do this.

The IRS is also someone that needs to have the finger pointed at. Horse BREEDING operations are given tax breaks. Breeding an animal is considered an “official” business. Buying a 2 yr old, training and then showing/selling it is alot harder to sell as a ligit business to the IRS.

When this was first brought up, I thought it would NEVER pass. After all, when you look at the bigger picture and what results would bring about a ban on slaughter – no smart person would vote for such a thing. I obviously did not give the bleeding heart, card carrying members of PETA and such enough credit.

I now can drive to town and watch the neighboring horses starve to death. The County can do nothing but “talk” to the owners. And as much as I would like to take them all in, that would put the care of our horses on the back burner. Where are the people that pushed to get slaughter banned now? I do not see them volunteering thier time at the rescues, gathering funding, etc. No, they are too busy fighting to have slaughter banned completely. So instead we will have a black market for horse meat, where NOTHING is regulated. At least in the US we can make the rules. Proper transport and care of, making sure the animals are cross referenced against the stolen horse data base and scanned for microchips… the list can go on and on.

Do I like the fact that horses are killed? No, but that is an unfortunate fact of life. Alot needs to change before the horse population will stablize again. Right now, I can not sell a trained, well mannered horse for what I have in them. There is no market for someone to pay for a horse. Hell they can just go online and find an untrained one for FREE.

Maybe I need to change my business plan and get started training these free lunitic horses that have so many vices they will never be a sane and sound riding horse. Then again….

25. Jessica - March 24, 2008

I dont think horse slaughter is right, but everyone who is for it is right for the most part. Horses are just livestock, but they are also so much more. I would never take my horses to a slaughter house, but why would everyone want to have other sick horses around their sounds horses. Not taking horses to the slaughthouses puts our horses that are in perfectly good health at risk. Many people have high dollared horses that could get sick, and then they are screwed. Having these sick horses around could put someone out of business. I am not for horse slaughter, but i am not against it either. Yes I will always think that it is wrong, but face it, our country is going to get over populated with sick horses, and there will be nothing we can do about it.

Now, about the humane way of putting horses to sleep, there is no humane way about it. Either way those horses are feeling some sort of pain. It might not be much, but there is still pain going through their body. The only humane way I can think of doing it would be a shot to put them to sleep. Not a bullet, or any other way, just using a shot, so they can die that way. They wont feel any pain.

Im just saying that everyone needs to stop fighting about this! If we end slaughtering of horses, most will want it to come back because they have nothing to do with the sick, hurt, or old horses. No one is going to take a perfectly good horse and slaughter it just because no one wants it, not every one is that heartless! I would never let my horses go to a slaughter house, just because the simple fact that they are NOT JUST LIVESTOCK to me. They are a part of my family!

26. Rhonda Steenbergen - April 13, 2008

What can I do to help get horse slaughter back in production in the U. S.? I’ve owned, shown, rodeoed, bred, and loved horses all my life. No one – no one loves them more than I. Yet, we must be a responsible society. We must do things we don’t want to do because we need to do what’s reposible. To disallow horse slaughter means many things. We can’t downsize herds. We can’t improve our breeds. We can’t sell our horses because there is not market for them. I do recommend we put laws in to place to eliminate human multi-birthing. We are over-populating our country with humans. We need to regulate the number of children born to individuals. We have already done this with our animals that aren’t being slaughtered. Do we want our horses hauled for 1000’s of miles stuck in a cramped trailer for their final days of demise? I don’t. I want them hauled and put down in a humane way without fear and tragedy. We have to be responsible people. We, humans, are their only hope. Let’s get together and fight for our horses! We all can sleep knowing they no longer will starve. They will no longer suffer due to injuries. They are put down in a regulated and watched environment. Let’s unite and convince our politicians who WORK FOR US which is something we aren’t seeing much of these days.

Let’s unite!!!! Let’s speak out!!!! Let’s do something!!!! If we love our horses – let’s help them!!!! I do love them – all of them!!!!

27. sloboydan - April 29, 2008

I’m writing to my reps to oppose this legislation. What are we supposed to do with the 50,000 or so horses that are presently shipped off to Canada and Mexico for slaughter should this ban be enacted? Why should my tax dollars be used to feed and care for unwanted horses when there are already humans in my city (and neigborhood) who do not have food or housing?

28. Anna M. - May 12, 2008

What so many people don’t realize is that shutting down US slaughter houses means that horses will then go to non-USDA regulated ones in Mexico, Japan, etc. Horse slaughter in the US is very humane. The problem is, that if you go online and google horse slaughter, hundreds of blogs and websites come up that shrow graphic pictures of slaughter in foreign countries. These pictures often show inhumane treatment-however, then the website says “help us shut down AMERICAN SLAUGHTERHOUSES” If we shut down American slaughter houses, HORSES WILL GO TO COUNTRIES WHERE SLAUGHTERING ID INHUMANE! American slaughter houses are VERY humane. There are vets onsite that ARE BOUND BY LAW to stop the slaughtering right there if any cruel treatment is observed.I went online(and have done this multiple times) and NOWHERE COULD I FIND VIDEOS OR PICTURES OF INHUMANE TREATMENT IN AN AMERICAN HORSE SLAUTERHOUSE.

29. Anna M. - May 12, 2008

No one does thier research anymore. they just believe what they are told!

30. alyssa - May 14, 2008


MY HOWRSE USERNAME IS true*blonde*1997

31. alyssa - May 14, 2008

sorry, i posted above and spelled alot of words wrong!!!!!!!
just read them the way you think they’re spelled, YOU STUPID PEOPLE WHO ARENT AGAINST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32. ally - June 21, 2008

you guys are sick cruel people! How about humane euthanasia?

33. ally - June 21, 2008

oh yeah…some of the horses sent to slaughter are stolen, or are perfectly fine! they arent all sick or old…

34. Sftballgrl135 - June 22, 2008

what kind of person r u if u belive in horse slater!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and hey slacker_22 this is a message for u!!!!!! u r a crul person and it is very ovious that u don’t love animals( horses)!!!!! o and i don’t care if u pm or say nasty stuff about me but a least i would save a horses life and belive in stoping horse slater!!!!!!

35. Jodi - June 25, 2008

Of course National cattle men beef association support horse slaughter they want ALL wild horses removed and carted off some where so they can exploit even more of the public lands they are already helping to destroy with the millions of cattle over grazing everything at tax payer expense!

Sale barn hand… Slaughter houses darn well, do to buy good riding horses!! What planet are you on?? Slaughter plants do not want sick skinny discards!! They want fat meaty horses! They want horses that have something on their bones. Stop lying!!!

Slaughter is not humane way to get rid of your old family pet horse and any one with half a heart would not dispose of their old horse that way!! The only horses that get sent to slaughter are the one’s over bred by the AQHA and race industry and PMU farms, and nurse mare foals that are unwanted because brood mares have to nurse fancy rich breed horses so that their mothers can be rebred time the foal drops!!!! Stop lying pro horse slaughter people!! The Anti horse slaughter people don’t want all animal slaughter ended, just horse slaughter because horses are companion animals NOT livestock!

If those people in Europe knew what kind of drugs have been used in most these horses they would not want to eat horse meat either. “Bute” for example is toxic to people but their is NO paper trails on any of these horses telling the story of what kind of chemicals that may have been pumped into their bodies!!!

So horse slaughter is not only inhumane but it is also hazardous for human consumption considering you don’t know what steroid, or chemical of any kind has been pumped into their bodies during their life time!!! So stop lying pro horse slaughter people!!!

Also dangerous horses can be humanely euthanized! Don’t tell me horse carcasses are going to pile up all over the USA either because that is a lie also. Have you ever seen the mess that many slaughter plants leave just lying around in piles Just rotting? in trash cans or buckets, or entrails piles? Talk about health code hazards etc like in Natural Valley Horse slaughter plant in Canada. What about the one in Texas where blood waste actually backed up into people toilet,s sinks and tubs!!!!!!! Talk about health code violations of which they managed to never pay their fines!!!! Euthanized horses bodies can be disposed of much more safely than slaughter plants. They have to be. It’s not like I am going to be euthanizing a lot of horses every day of the week so the bodies can be composted or disposed much better than slaughter plant renderings.
Don’t hand me your lies lies lies!!!!!! Just don’t hand me your lies!!! I don’t want to hear them any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You greedy, mean, liars. I don’t know how you live with yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

36. Jodi - June 25, 2008

If you are breeding horses and disposing them to slaughter because you can not sell them then you are one of the most irresponsible people in the industry fueling the slaughter industry! How stupid are you!!! You can not sell them oh so you keep breeding!! makes no sense sorry you don not love your animals!!! You care about making a few bucks so what if they die horrible death.

Horse slaughter plants every where are inhumane. Because horses have long necks and they try hard to avoid captive bolt going into their heads!! They are smart and know what is happening! That is torture! They can smell death and fear in the air and they know what is happening time they arrive on the slaughter plant property.

So you drive around and see starving horses, then call the local humane society, file police report, call any animal organization that fights cruelty I am sure some one will help you end the cruelty! Starving horses and neglect has nothing to do with the lack of slaughter plants!!!! That is the dumbest lie ever. They have everything to do with economic conditions of the time, more horses are being found starving but not because the owners have no slaughter plant to dump their horses at.

Amy Don’t tell me that the anti horse slaughter people don’t donate their time in horses rescues, that is what most of them that I know do!! They pool their money time and time and time again trying to buy horses from trailers headed to slaughter don’t tell me they do nothing once slaughter plants have closed! They do far more than you do!!!

Having slaughter plants around encourages over breeding by big organizations and even small back yard breeders. Lets pass some laws limiting breeding rights!! Their, over population can be controlled through that.

You want to down size your herds then train every one of those horses and sell them to good homes, or organizations that use horses for disabled people etc etc etc… their is always a place for a healthy horse and the sick, weak, broken horses can be humanely euthanized. If you were responsible caring owner, paying the euthanize bill is a small price to pay so the animal no longer suffers. Instead of shipping them off to slaughter in over crowed trailers or even double deckers where they suffer horrible amounts of stress and pain then die horrible death and slaughter plants. I’m sorry your story does not move me.

I grew up with horses and we always made sure the few we sold had good homes for life. Then we had 3 horses we had to euthanize because they were very old and 2 had cancer! Slaughter WAS NEVER an option for those horses who had served us well. Even that mean thoroughbred we had. She would kick the hell out of any one but she never got sent to slaughter! She was used as a demo for safety! Even she had a job but never lost her life to slaughter! Their is always a way for the RESPONSIBLE owners.

37. Jodi - June 25, 2008

American horse slaughter plants are just as cruel as foreign plants. The horse can small the death and fear time they arrive on the property and know what is waiting for them. This is torture. They have long necks and always duck trying to miss being hit by captive bolt. Often being hit more than once, and many not properly stunned, get ripped apart while alive and awake! I’m sorry that you pro slaughter people have to keep lying, trying to fear induce people into think that horse slaughter is best humane way for horses!

38. Jodi - June 25, 2008

As for all the other types of animals that are slaughtered. If we did not have the nasty, foul, factory farms, cruelty to those animals would dramatically be reduced! If small farms, where farmers take good care of their livestock, were actually supported over the nasty factory farms, then cruelty to them would be all most but eliminated!

Farmers don’t want their animals to be sick, or diseased. Small time good farmers know that a happy cow makes far more milk. Happy chickens make far more bigger eggs. Meat from happy animals, is tender, and has far less cancers and disease.

Factory farms and loving profit and greed over what is best not only for the animals but for PEOPLE in long run as well, has almost been eliminated from America. There is no respect for life of any kind. Not animal, plant or human.

39. C.L. - July 5, 2008

the ushs and peta are passing laws everyday which will end pet ownership .
they are not happy if horses are put to sleep either as they are in pureto rico they just want to stop racing, rodeo and all animal ownership
we want meat , eggs and dairy
a smarter group is on here than a lot of places but if you are for animal rights peta/ushs version you dont like animals too much.
every dollor they say willl help animals will only loby for laws to rid society of animals if you are 4 animals dont be for groups whos mission is to eliminate them

40. Emily - July 10, 2008

It seems like most of the people who are against slaughter are 12 year old girls who think that “u r a crul person and it is very ovious that u don’t love animals( horses)!!!!!,” or people who don’t even own horses at all. You people need to realize that money makes the world go round, and there is nothing you can do about it.

41. Ticked off in ND - July 23, 2008

Here’s the deal. Those of you who are for the ban are telling me that you don’t eat pork, chicken, or beef? I would much rather see a horse sent to a slaughter house then let go to wonder around aimlessly until 1. it dies of starvation or 2. gets shot. or 3. ends up hit by a vehicle. if thats the case then you need to stop eating any meat product. Unless you are saying that the rest of the livestock that gets consumed are just dumb animals.

42. L.T.D.V. - July 26, 2008

I’m for horse slaughter. The only reason we don’t eat a horse is because when a couple thousand years ago and man only had a rock to hunt. the horse stood beside the cow/chicken/other eatable item, and it ran away. We got stuck with the cow. And on the fact of how there killed, i hate to think that their hurt, but you can’t really kill without hurting it, and besides, i don’t think the horse really cares if it got hit with a car or got killed with a bolt, dead is dead.

43. A.H - August 8, 2008

Why would you want to kill an inosent creature just beacause you don’t want them. How would you feel if you were the horse and suddelyyou see some one about to kill you. Why would you want a horse for meat,and why do people even eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you just kill them for MONEY!(The greedy f******!)Whowould whant to make money from an inosent and elegant creature. And i hate people who treat horses cruely,starving them and then killing them for MONEY! (people even let there horses die and they don’t even give a dam about it)

44. christina - August 17, 2008

horse slaughter is wrong most horses that go to slaughter are there because they knocked a rail or lost a race or were to old. i have a horse who cant be riden because her hoofs are bad but i still lov her. every horse and every animal deserve a second chance.

45. SHARON S. - August 24, 2008


46. Tek - August 25, 2008

Can we please get the children who dont know what they are talkin about out of the channel with your caps and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, please if your going to debate about something then the fastest way to lose any credibility is to “yell” at other people. I will get to the point…Americans can not stop horse slaughter the demand is too great and the number of horses avalible is growing. Its like trying to stop water from going downstream. Have the Vegans done anything to stop the millions of livestock being killed? If you ban it they will make a way around it. plain and simple. You think PITA has done the horses a favor lobbying to get horse slaughter banned. Tell that to the ones taking a nice detour across the border where they get absolutly no humane treatment and have no restrictions. Thanks for dropping that ball. What cows arnt cute enough for you. Aparently they can get slaughtered without too much fuss. Just because Americans dont eat horse meat dosent mean the rest of the world does not. Now anyone can buy a horse because there is no floor price at auctions anymore so horses are going to sub prime familys whos little daughter wanted a pretty horsey. I admit that its a small fraction of people that are getting horses they shouldent but thats only because buisness people have found a way to get around this ban and ship them to good ‘ol Mexico, check the stats exportation has went up over 300%.

For those people who think that horses “rode us to victory in wars, and taimed the ol’ west and are a “symbol” of America and shouldent be slaughtered for that reason I say this, What were the COW boys herding what were the COW boys making a living on. But no no no don’t worry about killing cows you cant ride them! Go ahead say this and that about me being too mean to animals well the experts on the subject would be the AVMA and the AQHA and guess what they agree with me! So why dosent PITA stick with saving the polar bears or something useless like they usually are and let the people who have done the research know what they are talkin about and have been in the buisness for years take care of it.

47. Tek - August 25, 2008

O and Jodi can you back any of those statements up about the Nasty factory farms not caring about their cows…. I have been to many in my studies and have found that they have the ability to treat more cows humanly than not because they have the facilitys to do so. Not that the avarage farmer beats his cows but he may not have money to buy shoots and medicines and tools that he needs and is not as regulated as the big guy

48. Jean - August 26, 2008

After reading all the comments and issues presented, there is obviously only one solution. Ban all horse breeding completely, after all that would only be fair to all horse breeders and owners wouldn’t it? I would hate to think this would be another matter of Rich man vs Poor man situation. And when the last horse dies out, everyone can either view pictures on the internet or buy horsey video’s! Or, maybe selected Zoo’s could raise a few so that we can take the kiddies and grand kiddies to see! Perhaps this should be done with all domesticated live stock! what you think?

Of course we will all have to become vegetarians!
A note to all you hay grower’s, beans, yep start growing beans I can see where this is all going now!

49. Jean - August 26, 2008

After thought!

Perhaps I should go apply for the application of the first horse zoo!
Either that or give away all my horse’s and invest in bean seed plant, the hay producer’s are going to need plenty bean seeds I am sure!

50. Tek - September 2, 2008

Pretty much jean, why didnt i think of that first! Banning the slaughter of something because it is a cute animal = retarted. If only baby ducks were better tasting than adults. No you little children dont get it read some non bias material and you will realize how stupid PITA really is. The people that care for animals most are the ones that raise them, take care of them and yes slaughter them. They care for their animals so that their animals can take care of them. Lord do I hate PITA with a passion. Im off to go find another disscussion about how pita wants to make vegans out of the rest of us.

51. Jean - September 2, 2008

On a more serious note, I think perhaps people really need to think about how many industries this type of movement will effect. If any one cares to read between the lines, these people are not just suggesting the banning of horse slaughter. They want to ban breeding and production in the long run. Thus industries that produce products in every avenue pertaining to horses will be effected. However the most disturbing aspect of it all is the idea that the American Government allows groups to DICTATE what others can or cannot do or eat for that matter. How in the world can this happen? Don’t people who eat horse meat have a say no matter what that percentage is? Are Americans now going to base what should be ate or not be ate by how many eat it? Thank God I live Canada, and you can bet your booties I will rally against this being shoved down our throats! What happened to FREEDOM of CHOICE, how often have I heard the term FREE AMERICA…right that obviously no longer applies! Only thing that is good about this is thier proposal to stop the importing and exporting of horses across the USA borders. YES this means canadian breeders will flourish world wide! Silly beans eh?

On another note, I recently was listening to issues on health, and how there seems to be a obesity problem today amongst all age groups in America, must be all those beef burgers, perhaps horse burger would be a lot healthier!

52. Jean - September 10, 2008

Is it legal for a farmer still kill and eat thier own horses as they would other livestock? That is for thier own consumption, not resale. Or is that just too taboo to even suggest? I am seeing alot of unsaleable horses out there right now. With the economy slow as it is, and winter coming, I’ll be willing to bet that many of them just starve to death once these “noble beasts” have defoliated and devastated thier fenced habitats and the hay has run out. One way or the other, people will have to deal with thier beloved pets, when it gets to the point of feeding the family or feeding the horse.

53. SiouxieQ - September 10, 2008

I just came home from another auction tonight. I didn’t take any horses and I didn’t buy any horses. Those who think that shutting down all horse slaughter industries will not increase the ” unwanted ” horse populations are fools. Right now I see sales flooded with brood mares, yearlings, weanlings, fat horses and skinny horses, well trained horses and untrained horses. Registered horses and non registered horses. They were all at the same low end auction. I have seen groups of foals sell for $5-10.00 each, not uncommon here in the mid west. People are dumping their broodmares by the loads because they don’t want to feed them through the winter, there is no market in foals. Some people are actually having to pay the auction house for selling their horses. By the time you pay the $20.00 coggins test, $5-15.00 yardage fee and the comission, the horses that sell for $ 10-25.00 cost their owners. But it gets the animal off of their feed bill. with todays economy people are having to choose between feeding their horses or their children.
Honestly, I think the people who voted to end slaughter of horses cut off their nose to spite their face because as many others have stated, when slaughter was legal in the U.S., there were regulations, fewer miles to travel and a more humane death. Don’t be fooled by what you hear…beleive what you see. I see unwanted horses by the hundreds every month. Who is going to care for all of these horses ? Who is going to make sure they are fed, watered, vaccinated, wormed, vetted, teeth floated address health issues, groom, farrier services, board in some cases. Don’t count on animal control unless you live in the city limits, I’ve learned living in the country that animal control can mean a 45 bullet. Unfortunatly…a lot of people will forgo the bullet in favor of starvation….out of sight…out of mind. Just thought I’d give my opinion as a horse owner of 12 horses, a certified riding instructor, trainer and observer of the over abundance of unwanted horses..oh..btw, skinny horses sell by the pound too.

54. Chris - September 11, 2008

The horse pro-slaughter groups only want a place to get rid of their unwanted horses and get money for it! They don’t care how the horse is killed, as long as they benefit from it financially. If they care so much for the horse as they claim, and that slaughter is for the benefit of the horse, so it won’t suffer in a field somewhere, then why do they continue to allow their horses to be sent to Mexico for slaughter? Why are they happy that a 2nd plant may be opening there and again benefiting them financially? See quote from Amerian Quarter Horse below: “I got news through the grapevine that
another [horse slaughter] plant is opening in Mexico, he said.
Should that happen, I think the demand for horses is
going to pick up and the competition will get a little stronger.
But I don’t think we’ll see $80 [per 100 pounds] horses again.”
No where was any concern for the torture these animals will have to endure mentioned. These are the same people who claim to love horses! I wouldn’t send my cow to Mexico for slaughter, nevermind a horse. Stabbed, paralyzed then butchered alive…. yea, thats quite a demonstration of your caring.

55. Heidi - September 16, 2008

My name is Heidi Dawn Danburd I am from Miller, South Dakota. I have 5 horses of my own and I’m 16 years old rodeo and go to school and work on a ranch. I’m pro-slaughter all the way. I think we need to keep slaughter, BUT there has got to be some changes. Hauling them to different countries like Canada and Mexico is worse than it ever was for the horses here. With slaughter in the US they didn’t have to travel as far and our slaughter plants at least got inspected by USDA. USDA regulations don’t pertain to those kill plants outside the US so the horses are being treated even worse over there, so I think we should keep horse slaughter, with strict and humane regulations reguarding the kill plants. So if they AHC and the USDA keep strict rules on the slaughtering of horses we need to keep horse slaughter so that our horses aren’t being hauled inhumanely across the border.
If there weren’t so many stupid breeders who constantly keep breeding all of these horses, we wouldn’t have to kill them in the first place!! But since people keep breeding them, there are over 100,000 unwanted horses in the United States every year. We don’t have the room for them here.
And another thing, I don’t mean to be rude or anything and I don’t say this with the intention of offending anyone, but…Why is it such a big deal to slaughter horses to some people? Thousands of cattle, pigs, sheep, and other livestock get slaughtered every day and no fuss gets made over them…I just thought that was kind of ironic i guess. I understand horses are different because we get to ride and compete on them and all, bu tthey are still considered working animals on the farm, too.

56. David- CALIFORNIA - September 16, 2008

I am in the draft horse world, and show horses all over north america, mostly in california and canada. i would not send a horse of mine to slaughter, i would never eat horse meat, i couldnt do it, but i know that its not a right of mine to stop other people from doing what they want with their animals or any thing else for that matter. I do not want people telling me what i can and cannot do with MY horse, so why should me or the government be able to tell them what they can do with THEIR horse. People are entitled to keep their horse and feed it till it dies, and they are entitled to send their horse to slaughter or shoot it in the head and throw it in a bone pit; if that is what they desire to do.

57. Jean in Idaho - September 17, 2008

People who try to control production and the producing of products are Communists, look it up in the dictionary. So the Communists have taken control of this market.

In Idaho, the market for good horses, young and unbroke is in the tank. I just bought a nice 4 year old gelding for a dollar. They have ruined the market for everyone. Slaughtering old, sick, and useless horses for dogfood and other purposes is the best way to make the market right again. With hay at $160 a ton, knowone can afford to feed an animal that they cannot use or breed.

58. sandylicious - September 24, 2008

Horse slaughter is necessary. It is unfortunate that more people don’t know where their food really comes from in order to make an appropriate comparison.

I’d like to think that if I had to put my horse down, I’d make use of nearly every part, an area rug out of his hide and meat in the freezer. I may not be able to stomach eating him, but I may know people who would give it a try and I should have that option.

In my area (southern Oregon) you can donate your horse to Wildlife Safari where it can be used for lion and tiger food and you can get tax credit for the donation. Not all areas are so fortuneate to have a game park nearby.

59. Pony Lover - September 29, 2008

Hey Tek,
Its PETA. Not PITA. And im not vegan.
And since when did you start eating horse meat. Cuz the last time i checked, not many people in the US did that. Its more of a European thing.
This goes for all animals, not just horses: they are not killed humanely. Workers from slaughter houses have been interviewed and they have admitted to abusing all animals. They have abused the tools with which they are to stun the animal.
Pigs have had electric cattle prods shoved into all cavities ( and i mean ALL cavities), chickens have been boiled alive, and cows and horses have been hit with the stunning bolt in places other than their head. And have still been hung by their rear legs to have their throats slit and be disembowed before pronounced unconscious. Is that what your idea of humane is???
And for you who might say this is all made up, the government wouldn’t condone this: think again. Many of the owners of slaughter houses are government officials. If someone was trying to take away your million-dollar fortune, and you had the power to stop them…?
Oh, one more thing. Remember that saying “You are what you eat”? Well, do you really want to be pain, suffering, fear, and death???

60. Jennifer - October 12, 2008

Wow….First off, I can’t believe how many typo’s I see in soooo many emails..how can anyone who writes like this consider themselves credible? Horse slaughter- or any slaughter for that matter, is not acceptable. I worked undercover for two months in an equine slaughter house and I have to say, the conditions were deplorable. I still have nightmares of what I saw; neglect, mistreatment and utter hopelessness. I never would have believed an animal could be capable of this emotion until I saw a horse in line for slaughter…..believe me, they know…These animals have trustingly given their service and their lives to us, do YOU get it? They have carried our children in countless pony rides, traipsed all over mountain sides to bring us on our exotic get-aways for wedding trips and family festivities. They carefully sidestep our cruelty, negligence and the inablility to be responsible as a society that cares about nothing but ourselves and they do it graciously. Maybe that’s not wrong, we need to be taken care of. Yet, when our society breeds animals that become expendable, animals raised and bred for our own entertainment, and then rescinded due to little or no value, we really need to think twice about how important life, no matter how insignifigant to some, may really be to those who live it

61. Jennifer - October 12, 2008

By the way Jean and Tek,…. why don’t the two of you go off and start your own illiterate little horse killing camp? You should have a jump start on the illiteracy aspect judging by the looks of your emails……good luck! BTW, Tek, you complete nitwit..it’s PETA…Pick up a book or a magazine once in awhile, they work wonders….

62. Jesse - October 15, 2008

Ok. So I’ve been reading through this. First of all, have any of you (those against horse slaughter) tried to tame a wild horse/mustang? Have any of you tried to even get near a horse that hasn’t ever been near humans before? If you haven’t, its not like it is in the movies and books. Mustangs won’t come up to you and “play” nice. Wild stallions protect their herd and will attack intruders. With horses that are older than about 2 or 3 that haven’t been around humans, it is hard as hell to try and train them. You’ll have a fight on your hands and you will end up getting hurt. Sure, its possible but you know it’s not the wisest thing to do. So, what are you going to do with these horses that you can’t train or use for anything? “Oh but they are so pretty” or “They are pets” is not going to work. How are you going to get a wild horse to a pet?? It’s not like you have the ability to talk to animals in a way that they will understand them. What about the old, crippled, or mean horses that you can’t do anything with? Are you just going to leave them in a pasture and waste money on them? It’s not like they are going to be able to give you something back thats worth. If you do that to every horse you find that is crippled or old or mean, you will run out of room. Then what?? There are too many horses that we can’t use and are only taking up space. There are plenty of horses that are going to slaughter that are good horses because there are idiots out there that keep old and crippled nags or wild horses that they can’t do anything with because “they are my pet”. If you want to make a change for the better, get rid of the old nags and mean horses and buy a good one. Send the old nags and mean horses to slaughter. Don’t ban it. From the point of view of a cowgirl age 16 in South Dakota.

63. Tek - October 22, 2008

Ok my bad it is PETA, there are you happy? Now to get back to the point at hand. The reason that people are all “omg you cant slaughter horses” is because horses mean more to those people than cows or pigs or sheep or chickens. Am I correct there? People dont seem to have a huge problem with other slaughter houses. Now I like cows and sheep more than horses personally but I can see how people who own horses like them. The point I want to make and its very clear, If there isnt slaughter houses in the U.S. there will be the exportation of horses. This is worse than having them travel less and be killed humanly. If you look at the stats the exportation of horses has gone up 300% and people are stealing horses now to make money. This is unfortunate because foreign slaughter houses are not humane, but you can’t do anything about it it is not our government and there is not enough border protection to watch it all.( also we have more important things to spend our tax dollars on at the moment) This is my last post. All of the information on this post is correct and non bias… It is fact and backed by the AQHA, AVMA, and the FDA. I don’t want to be killing horses, but the simple matter is that like dehorning cattle or castrating animals or docking tails it betters the heath and productivity of the species. I do not want to see little kids go with all their CAPS and OMG’s this information is fact and researched. Thank you for this lively debate.

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