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2003 nuclear emergency stats


Nuclear Facilities with an event requiring an emergency classification during 2003.

Diablo Canyon (CA) – Unusual events-2
Honeywell Int’l UF6 Plant (IL) – Alerts-1; Site-Area emergencies-1
D.C. Cook (MI) – Unusual events-2; Alerts-1
Seabrook (NH) – Unusual events-2
Cooper (NE) – Unusual events-1
Millstone (CT) – Unusual events-3
Ft. Calhoun (NE) – Unusual events-1
Surry (VA) – Unusual events-1
Brunswick (NC) – Unusual events-1
Peach Bottom (PA) – Unusual events-1
Sequoyah (TN) – Unusual events-0; Alerts-1
Perry (OH) – Unusual events-1
Nine Mile Point (NY) – Unusual events-1
Indian Point (NY) – Unusual events-2
Davis Beese (OH) – Unusual events-1
Fitzpatrick (NY) – Unusual events-1
Fermi (MI) – Unusual events-1
Ginna (NY) – Unusual events-1
Salem (DE) – Unusual events-1
Three Mile Island (PA) – Unusual events-1
Robinson (SC) – Unusual events-1
Quad Cities (IL) – Unusual events-0; Alerts-1
LaCrosse (WI) – Unusual events-1
Calvert Cliffs (MD) – Unusual events-1
Kewaunee (WI) – Unusual events-1
Palasaides (MI) – Unusual events-1; Alerts-2
Susquehanna (PA) – Unusual events-2
Beaver Valley (PA) – Unusual events-1

Totals (2003):

Unusual events-32
Site Area Emergencies-1

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