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Nuclear links

Material to be added, in other words, area under construction, don’t mind the mess. Email any important links to Dr. Gonzo.

Licensees and owner/operators

AmerGen Energy Co. (subsidiary of Exelon)
Arizona Public Service Co. (subsidiary of Pinnacle West)
CCNPPI (subsidiary of Constellation Energy)
Carolina Power & Light (subsidiary of Progress Energy)
Detroit Edison Co.
Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.
Duke Energy Corp.
Energy Northwest
Entergy Operations, Inc.
Entergy Nuclear IP2
Exelon Generation Co.
FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.
Florida Power Corp. (subsidiary of Progress Energy)
Florida Power & Light Co.
Indiana Michigan Power Co.
Nebraska Public Power District
NMPNS (subsidiary of Constellation Energy)
North Atlantic Energy Service Co.
Nuclear Management Co.
Omaha Public Power District
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
PPL Susquehanna, LLC
Progress Energy
PSEG Nuclear
Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.
South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
Southern California Edison Co.
Southern Nuclear Operating Co.
STP Nuclear Operating Co.
Tennessee Valley Authority
TXU Gernerating Co.
Union Electric Co.
Virginia Electric & Power Co.
Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Co.

Government Nuclear Resources
(includes power and weapons)

Berkeley Lab Nuclear Science Division
Department of Energy-Office of Science: Nuclear Physics Program
——DOE Office of Science Research Facilities——
Argonne National Laboratory
Bates Linear Accelator Laboratory
Berkeley Lab Nuclear Science Division
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Cyclotron Institute (Texas A&M University)
Jefferson Lab
Nuclear Physics Lab (Univ. of Washington)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory
Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory (Yale University)
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
International Nuclear Safety Center
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Nuclear Data Center
National Nuclear Security Administration
Nuclear Energy Research Initiative
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratory

Nuclear Blogs

NEI Nuclear Notes
Nuclear is Our Future
Nuke Beat
Potential Energy

Anti Nuclear Power Groups

Nuclear Policy Research Institute

Pro Nuclear Policy Groups

American Nuclear Society


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