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Daily Chronicle, etc.

Hope Haven residents still have reason to be thankful
Families travel from near and far to see Pumpkin Parade
Pvt. Grandma? Seniors try to ‘enlist’ in protest of Iraq war
Look, up in the sky …
Sept. 11 marked locally with parade, ceremonies

A story I did for the Northwest Herald.

Star articles include:
80 articles by me from the Northern Star
69 Metro articles
-3 short film reviews
American Psycho
Reefer Madness
-A few columns (note: on the link to 80 articles the column titled “Marijuana flavoring OK” was not penned by me, I wrote a different column that day called, “Smoke yourself healthy,” which was incorrectly attributed to Jessica King. There was a mix up, the marijuana flavoring column was written by Jessica King).

Column Links:

Smokers vote too
Smoke yourself healthy (incorrectly attributed to Jessica King, see note above)
U.S. exit from Iraq not a good idea (I have since changed my opinion, always anti-war, not always pro-withdrawl)

Star staff editorials penned by yours truly (sans headlines):

(Also note, these are written as the majority opinion of the Editorial Board, not necessarily my own personal opinion in every case, it’s great practice though, arguing a viewpoint you don’t agree with.).

Too late to apologize-Dec. 1, 2005
An invasion of computer privacy-Nov. 22, 2005
Oil alternatives badly needed-Nov. 17, 2005
Police overreaction an issue-Nov. 10, 2005 (note: this one resulted in a correction)
Mobil misleads consumers-Nov. 3, 2005
Fear force-fed by media-Oct. 27, 2005
Health insurance plan helps kids-Oct. 20, 2005
Value vegetarian minority-Oct. 13, 2005
Apologies for SA miscue-Sept. 29, 2005
Pilots no longer cabin-blind-Sept. 22, 2005
Gas crisis finds new opponent-Sept. 14, 2005
Network exposes identity-Aug. 31, 2005
Policing the fourth branch-Aug. 24, 2005
Horse population must be controlled-May 4, 2005

4 Briefs from Best of DeKalb 2005 ad supplement (kinda PR writing really):

Best Bathroom
Best Party Hotspot
Best Staff
Best Auto Repair


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