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I don’t pretend to know anything about photography, but I do like to take photographs. I usually shoot whatever I find aesthetically pleasing, personally.

I have a DSC-P150 Sony Cyber Shot, 7.2 megapixels. It is a nice camera. Here are some of the cooler shots I have taken with it.


Sweet Home Alabama . . .

Streaming thru the clouds.

Through the clouds, over campus.

A March '05 storm over the Campus Life Building.

Ominous clouds gather before a March 2006 hailstorm over DeKalb, IL and the NIU campus.

Riding forever on a colorless rainbow.

A spring '05 storm near Pittsburgh

The bolt.

The bluest light.

Another bolt.

Another fork.

Fire in the sky.



Ice pines.

Icy sunrise over DeKalb, IL.

A velvet covering.

The dead.

A semi-frozen pool in above freezing temperatures, beneath a waterfall at Starved Rock State Park, IL.

A Space Odyssey

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

A Florida sunset.

A moony evening.

Obscured by clouds.

Still obscured.


The Moon and Mars.


Luna in color.


The long hard, road home, Pennsylvania.

A random, Pennsylvania farmstead.

A typical Allegheny River town in Northern Pennsylvania.

A barn side Mail Pouch tobacco ad, from the days of yore.


A massive fire at an old candy factory in Bloomington, IL. Sometimes you just gotta be in the right place at the right time.

The Cell, May '05.

A car, the first of many cool things on a journey to Starved Rock, Il.

Starved Rock.

A waterfall at Starved Rock.

An amazing waterfall at the head of French Canyon at Starved Rock State Park.

Steam rising from the Byron Nuclear Plant, near Rockford, taken from just outside DeKalb.

The early spring farmland of Northern Illinois.


Does this sign confuse anyone else?

A random, Alabama shack.

“Artistic” Shots:

Umm, a lamp on acid?




Ice beads, Starved Rock, IL.


A cardinal in the hand is worthless.

Scamper the Squirrel.

Geese at NIU West Lagoon, Eco Park.

Friend's dog, Payton.

A gaggle of Eastern Swallowtail Butterflies in the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania.

A Pennsylvania centipede.

Mr. Snake, Pennsylvania-style.

Tadpoles, Pennsylvania.

A jack-in-the-pulpit in Pennsylvania.

A PA toad.

A tulip, in northern Illinois.

A tree, pussy-willow type, in northern Illinois.

A northern Illinois birch tree in early spring 2006.

Published Photos:

ROTC Cadet at Operation Huskie Thaw 2005.

ROTC Cadets during Operation Huskie Thaw 2005.

ROTC Cadets during Operation Huskie Thaw 2005.

ROTC cadets during Operation Huskie Thaw.

Photos published with this two-part series on Operation Huskie Thaw:

Part 1
Part 2


1. anon - July 1, 2006

The fifth photograph down – the car park – is an excellent shot: quite eerie. The couple of moon shots are good too. Nicely done.

You’ve taken some good photos.

2. iahab - July 25, 2006

love it so nice my friend

3. iahab - July 25, 2006

ruly fantastic are wonderful

4. treesfieldssky - January 15, 2008

Great photos!

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